Live Video Feed: Sheepshead Bay Streets During Hurricane Irene

Did you board up all your windows? Did you high-tail it out of town? Well, don’t worry, you can still enjoy all the mayhem and madness of Hurricane Irene on Sheepshead Bay’s streets without leaving the comfort of your computer.

Thanks to the folks over at Tete-a-Tete (2601 East 14th Street), we’ve mounted a camera broadcasting a live feed of the intersection at East 14th Street and Avenue Z so you can keep an eye on conditions as the storm unfolds.

In addition to the live feed, we’ve posted a chat-room so neighbors can talk in real time about the storm.

It’s not a perfect system, of course. As Con Ed continues to warn about power outages, the computer may lose power. The camera also relies on ambient light, so we’re hoping the street lights will be enough to give readers an idea of what’s going on outside. Regardless, we’re looking forward to this experiment, and think you’ll enjoy having the ability to check in on the outside world without having to put yourself in danger.

Check out the live feed now!


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