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Live Blog: Grillin’ On The Bay 2011


The above Live Blog is being produced by Sheepshead Bites team members Angelina Tala and Ned Berke. Come join us at the event at St. Mark School on Avenue Z and East 18th Street!

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  1. When I arrived a little before 5 p.m., I was so confused to see cars and trucks parked in the lot that I left in disappointment without going inside. Were they just handing out the awards at that time. The sign didn’t mention the end time, but I was sure that it was all wrapping up at 6 p.m.

    Some other important business kept me away, but at least I can get coverage on Sheepshead Bites.

  2. My family and I had a great time there today! It’s a shame that the economy (I think…) prevented a lot of competitors from showing up, but it was still great. Loved to see the increased Sheepshead Bites presence there from last year (got my t-shirt too, which is pretty damn cool!). Sampled some very good food (bacon and chocolate chip cookies? Really?) Everyone I was with enjoyed the chili competition and the boutique. Congratulations to BrooklynQue. Looking forward to next year!

  3. I loved the event. Food was great (lots of pork and pork related products), people were wonderful, there were many hard working good ol’ folks (who I always happy to see), over all their was a feeling of community around, thanks Jesus-Santa their were almost no Russians (we all know how those folks are).
    The best part was meeting Ned. He is so wonderful, very well spoken, educated, friendly and white.
    I will be attending next Grillin’ On The Bay for sure.

  4. I hope when you say “we” you mean you. Please do not post a comment and insinuate it comes from the majority good people on this site.

  5. You know I like you the most Nolastname. Your discomfort puts a smile on my face. You are trying so hard to be politically correct. In fact someone trying a little too hard, if you know what I mean? But you probably don’t, it’s OK though I fallow Santa’s teachings so I will turn another cheek. I love you Nolastname and I don’t care if everyone knows it!
    Also for the reference, you want to see some real Russian hatred go read comments posted in the last month or so. The difference is I expose the issue by being direct, others mask racism in their political correctness.

    And just so you understand what I was trying to say was: minimal presence of Russian folk at the even saddened me. I wish more of them would integrate in to community since they are large minority and have permanent present in the neighborhood. By participating in these kind of events they can understand that they are no different from the rest of fine folk who did attend today and maybe natives will stop looking at them as the weirdos from Eastern Europe.

    Now you see what you made me do, Nolastname? I’m explaining myself to you! You, I don’t even know if you are hot girl or not. I choose to believe that you are unbelievably hot, sensual being, with lack of humor and unbelievably gorgeous body, and the face so beautiful Adolf Hitler himself would be proud.

    I’m going to bed Nolastname and I hope I will dream of you.


    PS Не умна ты дубинушка.

  6. Sorry you got there so late Ray. I think all the food ran out by about 3:00 pm. It was amazing. No one expected such a large turn on from the community. Thank you!

  7. I guess it’s just one man’s opinion, but there must be some reason why so much of the world likes curry. It could be that this comment is just trying to stir up some kind of racial controversy.
    By the way, isn’t chili just basically a kind of curry?

  8. Yes, curry often does smell like something out of a toilet, blech.
    Your comment hardly added anything to the discussion though. I’ll
    enlighten people with my opinions as I see fit. Of course you’re
    welcome to do the same if you can refrain from hurling personal insults.

    I’ll translate into simpler terms; If you don’t agree with someones
    opinion you are more then welcome to post a contrary or differing
    opinion, or support for another persons comment. However, hurling
    personal insults at someone because you don’t like what they have to
    say only makes you look like a dumbass and an ignorant one at that.

  9. Arthur, I love what you posted, well said and to the point. Expressing an opinion no matter how unpopular it is is cornerstone of democracy. However I want to talk to you about something much more important, curry. Did you know that curry is a generic word? It refers to literally 100’s of different spices throughout Indian and South Asia. India alone has 5 distinctly different type of cuisines, don’t forget their are Hindus, Muslims, veterinarians, Kashmir region has it’s own distinct cuisine and all of them use different spices (curries). Then if you look at what they eat in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam you will find many different curries (spices) as well.
    What I’m trying to say is that you probably do not like one or handful curry smells but I can bet money, if you do open your mind and try maybe 50% of spices form South Asia you will find dishes that you will absolutely love.

  10. I’ve watched enough Food Network to know how generic the term Curry
    is. I’ve still never found one I can stand the smell of. I’m not a fan
    of spicy food in general, I find the heat hides the true flavors.

    The closest to spicy I’m willing to get is garlic, and the closest to
    hot is buffalo wings, call me simple but my nose, tongue, and palatte
    know what they like :-)!

  11. In that case, where would you go for the best wings in Brooklyn?? I already know about wingdings from Chicken Masters, those are super badass!

  12. You’ll have to ask BrooklynQ. I haven’t had the time and money to

    I can say I feel the wings at Chicken Masters are too small and don’t
    have a crispy skin. They just aren’t meaty enough for me.

    The wings from Chicken Delicious (Kings Highway 400 block I think) has
    pretty good wings.

    Sadly the best wings I see around here come from Dominos!

  13. Care to expand on that? What can we do to make it better for you?

    I know we tried to put together an enjoyable experience, but frankly we were overwhelmed this year. All the food vendors sold out. Completely. Ribs, Pulled pork sandwiches, beef ribs, Buffalo wings, kosher dill pickles, cup cakes, bacon chocolate chip cookies, burritos, bagels, coffee, soda, water, crackers.

    Even all the beer went. All at the coldest Grillin’ On The Bay in history.

    Let me know what we can do to improve the event, and I’ll try to accommodate you in next year’s day. We can’t do everything as there are space and legal limitations, but we aim to please.

  14. I wanted to try some ribs. All the ribs were committed to the competition. I tried a pulled pork sandwich that was so so. I was really disappointed by what seemed to me, to be a general lack of variety available for purchase. I mean, you can eat just so much pulled pork, chili, and chicken wings. I doubt I will go to next years event….if they have one.

  15. Domino’s? Really?

    Best wings around here are the Buffalo Wings at Chicken Masters, not the wing dings or what ever cute name they use for the breaded chicken wings.

    Wheeler’s wings are OK – but they need to loose the breading too. Buffalo wings are meant to be naked.

    Never tried Chicken Delicious – gonna have to check it out.

    But the best wings in Brooklyn – and by that I mean best Buffalo Wings -naked with a spicy butter/vinegar based sauce – are at Bonnie’s in Park Slope.

  16. Sorry to disappoint Animo. There are huge restrictive laws in NYC about selling food in an open air environment or at a street fair. To most folks in the BBQ world obtaining the necessary permits cost far to much for them to make a profit.

    There were three teams vending BBQ outside. One did sell ribs and rib tips along with a couple of other items. Each of the three teams sold different things, with pulled pork only available at two of them. You probably had your choice of over 10 different food items from the BBQ teams.

    Inside they were selling traditional cookies and snacks, cup cakes, pickles, bacon chocolate chip cookies and burritos along with drinks and the chili.

    Not to be defensive, but that seems like a good amount of choices. Think about the large street fairs – while there may be 50 food vendors, I’d be willing to bet that 90% of them sell the same exact thing.

    One other thing to point out. This is a BBQ contest. Most of the teams are there to win the contest, not sell food. The teams who did sell food cooked you real BBQ over an open fire and are award winning teams. This food, while not expansive, is some of the best food you will ever get at an event.

    if you have any recommendations for next year, or could recommend a vendor, I’ll do my best to accommodate you.

  17. Domino’s wings arent crispy but they are MEATY, they have a lot of chicken
    on them and their blue cheese is good.

    I just can’t agree on Chicken Masters, both times I had their Buffalo Wings
    they were TINY, they werent battered so they had no crunch at all, and the
    hot sauce was weak and watery.

  18. Yeah – I always ask them to spice them up a bit and cook them well done. Tiny? No different from the other places around here IMHO. Domino’s I just can’t get past the BBQ sauce flavor.

  19. I definably did see Santa dude! He looked like Santa and was just as jolly! I didn’t know he was a judge too, fantastic.

    Looking forward to next years Grillin’ event.

  20. Hey – Santa’s got to do something in his off time. He’s a regular fixture on the BBQ circuit.

  21. Wait, their is a circuit? You mean I can go around NYC every weekend eating BBQ?
    How do I get in on this? Is their anything happening next weekend or weekend after?

  22. the reason grilling on the bay sucked because there was only really two vendors selling bbq food

  23. I don’t want to brag about my cooking skills but I make wings that are fantastic (not breaded) and my chili is good enough to compete in kind of competition a saw on Saturday.

  24. My guess as to how to avoid disappointment is to specify what will be available for purchase and until what time.
    At 3PM there was 1 vendor selling pulled pork sliders (albeit good ones). That, plus meeting Ned and buying a Bites t-shirt made it worthwhile to visit…

    So there is nothing wrong with the event, just needs a little clarity in advertising.
    For example: “Dozens of vendors will compete for the , three of which will have food available for purchase until noon.”

  25. I’ll keep that all in mind for next year Levp.The problem is, no matter how clear I try to make it, the press seems to screw it up. I told the Daily News we had 20 teams and they printed that we had 80.


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