“Little Pakistan” Clean-Up Day This Sunday


There will be a neighborhood-led clean-up in “Little Pakistan” (Coney Island and Foster Avenues) this Sunday, September 17, from 5 to 8pm.

It is organized by the Pakistani American Youth Organization (PAYO) in partnership with the Department of Sanitation in an effort to keep the neighborhood clean.

“This is to help our local community,” Jawad Shabir, a member of PAYO said. “All of the poles are really dirty. People add posters, duct tapes, pins, and they have not been cleaned.”

As of now, they have 20 of their active members joining the cleaning, as well as any others who may want to join in the neighborhood effort.

“The Department of Sanitation is supporting us,” Jawad Shabir, a member of PAYO said. “They added more garbage cans in every corner and are providing us with garbage bags, everything.”

Though this is the first time this is happening in the neighborhood, Shabir expects it to continue every month.

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  1. People in EVERY neighborhood should have enough pride in where they live to take care of keeping it clean. Brighton Beach is a dump in most of the neighborhoods and parks. I watch adults and their children drop garbage on the ground on a daily basis. I get ‘tired’ of cleaning up after these slobs but I really prefer my grandchildren to enjoy a semi-clean space to play, so I keep picking up…Run one of these programs for “Little Mexico” as well, which is everywhere…


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