Lisyanskiy Fumes Over Ad Suggesting He Profited Off Of Sandy

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City Council candidates John Lisyanskiy is outraged over the latest mailer distributed by the Small Business Coalition, one of several PACs throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars into the race to replace term-limited Domenic Recchia, which claims that he profited from Superstorm Sandy price gouging.

The mailer, seen above, claims that Lisyanskiy took contributions from a gas station owner who allegedly jacked up prices in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. The group is backed by a collection of Sephardic Jewish business owners who have spent nearly $20,000 in support of Lisyanskiy’s rival, Mark Treyger, and nearly $8,000 to bash Lisyanskiy.

Lisyanskiy expressed anger in a press release over the political ad pictured above and highlighted his post-Sandy works in response:

“I am disgusted and angered by a recent mail piece that accused me of profiting at the expense of Hurricane Sandy victims,” John Lisyanskiy, 47th District City Council Candidate said. “It is sickening that anyone would stoop so low as to insinuate that I exploited the families I had just helped in return for a few bucks. After hurricane Sandy Hit on October 29th 2012, lives hung in the balance. These were real people, seniors, children and families without electricity, heat, running water or medical supplies. For ten days, I lived and worked out of my car to organize hundreds of volunteers to help bring food, water and medical attention to those in need. Afterwards, I was appointed by the City Council to be the official envoy to the devastated areas of Southern Brooklyn where I had spent four months without a day off. In that role, I was overseeing the relief and recovery efforts and making sure that the City, State and Federal resources were being delivered to those in need. Additionally, I helped organize and coordinate the largest relief site in Coney Island at MCU Park, which served thousands of people on the Coney Island peninsula.”

Last week, we reported that Lisyanskiy attacked opponent Mark Treyger, saying that Treyger is in the pocket of the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), a powerful real estate interest. REBNY is supporting. Treyger through the Jobs for New York PAC, in an effort Lisyanskiy has characterized as misleading to voters. In his release, Lisyanskiy again attacked Jobs for NY and the Small Business Coalition in his statement, and cautioned voters on the groups’ interest in the race.

“Jobs for New York, the political action committee for the billion-dollar real estate industry and the Small Business Coalition are responsible for these attacks. Corporate Tycoons don’t care about the larger civic good, or constructive ideas that move our community forward. They are interested in two things only, getting richer and instilling fear and blame. That is how they win elections. There have been countless times qualified and dedicated candidates have been destroyed by machines like these,” Lisyanskiy said.

Business-backed PACs, or independent spenders, are a recent phenomenon in City Council races, having poured more than $10 million into races across the five boroughs. The groups can raise and spend an unlimited amounts of funds, but are legally barred from communicating or coordinating with campaigns. Lisyanskiy and others have called on those candidates receiving their support to denounce the ads. While one local candidate in a neighboring district has done just that, Treyger remains silent on the issue.