Levi Aron Tried To Kidnap Other Neighborhood Children

photo credit: G.N. Miller for New York Post

The New York Post and WPIX are reporting that a Kensington woman claims Levi Aron, the confessed killer of 8-year-old boy Leiby Kletzky, also tried to kidnap her own son.

Ziza Berkowitz told the Post that Aron, a one-time butcher at a kosher deli counter in a Tennessee Kroger supermarket, tried to kidnap her son sometime in the last 2 years. The mom, who lives just a few doors down from the Aron family on East 2nd Street, says she scared Levi off with her screams.

From The Post:

The alleged kidnap attempt occurred within the past two years, sources said, and is further evidence of Aron’s longtime freakish fascination with young boys.
A former neighbor who grew up across the street said the “oddball . . . used to give kids rides in cars.”
Aron later moved to Tennessee, where his creepy stare freaked out customers at the kosher deli where he worked as a butcher. He was married briefly before bolting back to Brooklyn.

According to the Post, Aron tried to abduct another neighborhood boy about a week before he murdered Leiby Kletzky.