Levi Aron Moved To Rikers Island, Kept On Suicide Watch

(Photo by Jesse A. Ward for Daily News)

Accused child killer Levi Aron has been transferred to Rikers Island. He was moved out of Bellevue Hospital over the weekend.

According to the Daily News, Aron is in a private cell under 24-hour suicide watch by a corrections officer.

From the News:

“He’s in an area all by himself,” a jail supervisor said. “They opened it up just for him.”
After he was arrested on June 13, Aron told detectives he heard voices urging him to commit suicide over the crime.

Last Thursday, based on a mental health exam Aron underwent while at Bellevue, he was declared fit to stand trial for the brutal murder of 8-year-old boy Leiby Kletzky. However, his defense team insists that while Aron was deemed fit for trial, the evaluation still indicates their client is mentally ill.

“We believe him to have numerous psychiatric disorders, and I believe the evaluators concurred with that,” lawyer Pierre Bazile said.

Aron’s lawyers say they are still considering the possibility of an insanity defense.