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Let’s All Get Rooster Pets. What Could Go Wrong?


Here’s a weird one. A neighbor reports that she’s heard a rooster multiple times in recent weeks on East 19th St between Beverley and Cortelyou. Unlike chickens, roosters (and jaguars, dingoes, and more) are not legal in NYC for many reasons, not least of which is the pleasure they take in never shutting up.

The neighbor who sent this in asked the perfect follow up question: “Is anyone else hearing this?”

UPDATE: Neighbor Jennifer Wilenta notes on Facebook: “A minor hiccup in this is that occasionally a hen learns to crow…” Who knew?

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  1. I heard it too! Last Friday. And I wondered about whether the cock-a-doodle-doings bothered the neighbors. Yet that same day, the super of the building behind mine was working his power blower endlessly (sometimes he uses it to dry puddles!). So I figured if power blowers are legal, then roosters must be.

  2. I’m not sure about the legal part im pretty sure we cant keep roosters but we can keep chickens. The rooster is going to have to keep it mum or someones going to call the popo.

  3. Of course I’ve heard it too, every day for several weeks in both the morning and afternoon. I LOVE the sound of the rooster.

  4. All it takes is a trip to the live poultry market to turn the rooster into a roaster!
    I hope he stays away from the young chicks!

  5. I’ve heard it every morning for the last couple of weeks. Don’t much appreciate being woken up every morning at 5 AM. Not what I would call a thoughtful neighbor. When I figure out which house I will call this in.

  6. I can’t imagine objecting to the sound of a rooster. I have cars going up and down my street blasting “music” at all hours of the night, often at volumes that are really uncomfortable to me….and I’m 3 stories up! When I hear folks complain about roosters and Mr. Softee I just have to laugh….or perhaps cry.

  7. Why not start by knocking on your neighbors’ door and having a conversation? Isn’t that more thoughtful than calling the authorities?


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