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Monday: Leon M. Goldstein Rally To Stop Budget Cuts

A sculpture in the LMG lobby. (Source:

On Monday, March 28, at 7:30 a.m. United Federation of Teachers (UFT) members and parents will protest against budget cuts at Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences, located on the Kingsborough Community College campus at 1830 Shore Boulevard. The rally will be outside at the Shore Boulevard and Oriental Boulevard gates of the school.

According to Colleen Adrion, who is on a fundraising committee for the school, advanced placement classes such as American History, World History, Micro and Macro, Literature, Math, and Science may be cut as a result of budget cuts. Adrion also said that Psychology, Law, Art, Music, Science, and Math electives may be cut as well as extra curricular activities such as SING, and other talent shows and musicals.

The programs that will be cut are the ones that “enhance a student’s high school experience, and the budget cuts will impact every student’s educational experience in the NYC area,” Adrion said. “We need to inform the people of New York that educational cuts affects each and every one of us directly and indirectly!”

This isn’t the first time Leon M. Goldstein High School is facing these troubles. Back in November, we wrote about a similar rally against budget cuts and the damaging effect the budget cuts have on the school – including cutting important classes seniors need to graduate, leaving holes in their programs, and eliminating musical productions.

We know it’s at an early time, but most of us are in the neighborhood, so it’s an important issue worthy of an early morning stroll to the campus.

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  1. Totally agree with UFT. No budget cut!!!!! If City does not have money – no problems. Just do the following and get the following results:

    1.More taxes on”millionaires
    “. Yes, they call millionaires all the people who hardworking EARN more than 250K per family per year. It’s fine. they can handle

    2. Start to call “millionaires” everybody, who make more than a 50K in Private sector only. And increase their taxes also.

    3. Public unions (specially UFT) need money to buy the politicians and people must understand that. By the way, what is the salary of the president of UFT, his staff? Who pays for that? Maybe better to take all these non-productive people out and save the teachers, even increase their salaries… Did anybody calculate how much money City can save and increase the schools performances and the same time?
    Sorry, I am talking from the f…g capitalist point of view. Most important – to protect public unions and their tools. Private workers – who cares?

    4. Yes. all the “millionaires” will move to the “fiscal conservative” states. Already moving! So, no problems. UFT will go to the Federal Government to bail them out at the expensive of “conservative” states taxpayers… Not a big deal….

    5. After they will completely bankrupt all the states and country (already bankrupted) – whats next? How our children will survive ? Sell the country to China and Saudi Arabia completely? Fine. They probably can create their own unions….

    6. Questions to UFT. Guys, where do you want to get money for “no budget cut”? Maybe you can share with us your salary. And allow teachers to TEACH, not to be your tools in your dirty games?

  2. Right on time, from today’s New York Times:

    “General Electric, the nation’s largest corporation, had a very good year in 2010.
    The company reported worldwide profits of $14.2 billion, and said $5.1 billion of the total came from its operations in the United States.

    Its American tax bill? None. In fact, G.E. claimed a tax benefit of $3.2 billion.”

  3. Mega-corporation (Big Oil, Big Pharma..) – they really help politicians to destroy the country. Lobbyists and corrupted politicians do their job “well”… For sure… Same like unions (Big Labor) – they are also the ‘special interest”.
    The only difference is: the corporations still produce wealth and give people work. Unions (again not union workers – union bosses) just get money from the taxpayers without producing anything. Did you calculate how much taxes government got from the large corporation and re-distributed to unions?
    Do you know how much waist and fraud in education, military, health care ?
    Of course except GE – Check this site and search more on Google… They sponsor MSNBS socialist propaganda and help our president to fight with the wealth ( with waiver to GE )

  4. I urge the creator of this wonderful website to not become just another liberal mouthpiece. Please keep up your excellent work keeping us informed on the goings-on of our great neighborhood. I urge you not to “jon stewart” or “Bill Maher” this site (two great comedians who decided that indoctrinating their audience was more important than showcasing their talent).

  5. You guys may want to hold your ears when you hear this. You can collect the proper taxes and more from the corporations and more. You can take every cent away from evary millionaire in this country. But all this does not BEGIN to address the monstrous budget deficit. That deficit on the local and national level is caused by inordinate promises made to ORDINARY CITIZENS that can no longer be kept. Those promises of Social Security, Medicare, and inflated union benefits, in addition to expensive wars and military, are the cause of the budget deficit. So, blame Bush, blame GE (and you certainly have the right to complain about GE), blame Nixon, Reagan, but until SS, Medicare, and, yes, defense, are CUT, this country will be in serious trouble in the future.
    Now all the selfish, spoiled seniors who take access-a-ride to the track and beauty parlor can go back to stomping their feet in temper tantrums. All the spoiled baby boomers who shout for causes out of one side of the mouth and yell “not in my neighborhood” out of the other, can go back to their self-serving protests. All those who are liberal just to make themselves feel like they’re good people, but in real life are selfish materialistic monsters, can continue their charade now.

  6. Hey Pertrosyan:
    Let’s be fair. The unions are like a corrupt corporation. And the government is the biggest corrupt corporation of them all.

  7. I have asked you before to show sources for your claims that unions get taxpayer money and haven’t seen any response.
    Just in this comment you make this assertion twice, i.e.: “Did you calculate how much taxes government got from the large corporation and re-distributed to unions?” Well, did you?

    For those who don’t know how unions work, “Operating costs are covered by the payment of dues and fees by members”

    Once again, please provide proof of your statements or be known as a libelous propagandist.

  8. levp about the unions…
    Dear levp, do you know how the public unions operate? Do you know all the financial games their involved? Just think – UFT and another public unions has a lot of money for their huge overhead / salaries, for maintenance of their facilities, for purchasing of politicians – democrats… Where are these money coming from? Yes from so called “union dues” which are built -in in into the workers salaries and benefits. Just google how it works. I’ll tell you more, you even do not pay directly – the City mandatory withdraw your “union dues” from your pay check. Politicians are protecting unions in case if you, levp. want to make your own decision and keep this money…. Same with “benefits”. City send union let’s say $10 dollars for you, and unions use just part of that for your real benefits. Everything else – for their agenda. I do no think this is a secret the public unions donate the money to politicians – democrats. The union bosses do not produce anything like GE or GM. So, how did they get these billions dollars? Just think a little bit and google…
    I have nothing against union workers. Most of them are nice hardworking people. And I can not blame them if they have salaries, benefits and job security much better than people in private sector. But what is true – the politicians and union bosses do brain wash them and make them as their tool, so they can get more money from the private sector taxpayers.

  9. I’m glad you agree that unions get their money from their members.

    In some cases, a union is required by law to represent anybody – member or not – in that organization. A good example of such union is United Federation of Teachers (UFT) in New York City.
    So it is only fair that those non-members pay something as well. However, same laws provide for a refund the non-members can obtain at the end of a certain period (usually, a calendar year).
    For UFT, see their FAQ:

    In general, search for “refund of agency fees” plus the name of organization.

  10. Levp, without unions teachers get the same salaries and benefits and the education could cost 40 % less to private taxpayers. I think the best is a charter school – let them compete for the best students… If today each public school student cost $15,000 a year ( same price in Staten Island Academy – the best private school possible, but… teachers are not in union, and the school still make a huge profit plus waiting least of students… ), lets provide people with vouchers $8,500.00 each, so they can select the private charter school themselves and let schools to compete and City will save tons of money. But this is impossible, because in this situation unions can not control the situation and push their political and financial agenda…. Do you agree with me?

  11. Except the tuition in the Staten Island Academy is not $15,000 – Grade 1 tuition is $21,900, and by Grade 12 it goes up to $27,550:

    So by your plan the State of New York would LOSE between $7,000 and $12,000 per student.
    NYC alone has 1.1 million students:

    Therefore, net LOSS from the voucher program would be 1,100,000 x $7,000 = $7,700,000,000 per year.

    The second problem is the potential violation of the separation of church and state. Staten Island Academy is an exception, being a non-religious (secular) school. A majority of private schools are religious-based (including Muslim schools).
    You might want to re-read a recent thread about Amity School here on Sheepshead Bites… Think about “the law of unintended consequences”.

    As the Secular Coalition put it: “The Secular Coalition for America objects to voucher programs that use federal taxpayer dollars for private religious schools that proselytize to students and are exempted from federal civil rights laws, allowing them to discriminate in enrollment and hiring on the basis of faith.

    More than 80 percent of students receiving federal vouchers through the D.C. program attend private religious schools with such civil rights exemptions but no opt-out option for religious instruction.”

    Last, but not least, if private schools expand given newly-found cash, their employees might go ahead and unionize (it is illegal for an employer to prohibit creation of a union)…

  12. And I explained why.

    Also, how about comparing a performance of schools with a similar student body?
    By similar, I mean selective admission, white/asian with low percentage of students eligible for free lunch program.
    For example, let’s compare Hunter College High School (a CUNY public school) with any private one…


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