Lecture: “Jews In Comedy” At The Kings Bay Y

A joke: A Jewish man lies on his deathbed, surrounded by his children. “Ah,” he says, “I can smell your mother’s brisket — how I would love to taste it one last time before I die.” So one of his sons hurries down to the kitchen, but he returns empty-handed. “Sorry, papa. She says it’s for after the funeral.”

That is only an example of a tiny nugget in the vast and diverse canon of Jewish humor, a subject that will be showcased by Joe Dorinson in his upcoming lecture, “Jews In Comedy,” scheduled for March 26, 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. at the Kings Bay YM-YWHA, 3495 Nostrand Avenue between Avenue U and Avenue V.

Dorinson, a Long Island University professor of history and noted authority in the field of popular culture, will showcase not only Jewish humor, but also the history of Jews in comedy. While any such lecture will certainly include mention of a few personal favorites, such as Woody Allen, Alan King, and the Marx Brothers, hopefully Professor Dorinson will also highlight the contributions of comedic geniuses such as Zero Mostel and the great Myron Cohen. Behold:

To learn more, call (718) 648-7703, email info@kingsbayy.org or visit www.kingsbayy.org.


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