362 People To Be Laid Off In Brooklyn


Layoffs have been sweeping the borough and based on filings from the Department of Labor, there are many more to come.

According to DOL filings, we found that 112 employees at Metropolitan Jewish Home Care, Inc. (MJHS) are expected to be laid off on April 15. The employees are not represented by a union. The reason for layoffs is cited as “economic.”

“Inadequate payments from managed care companies, along with a decline in reimbursement from governmental payors, has led to growing operating losses for MJHS Home Care and other home care agencies throughout New York,” Audrey O. Waters, director of MJHS Health System Public Relations told us. “This trend compelled MJHS Home Care to make significant changes, that, while extremely difficult, were necessary to provide the best opportunity for a financially sustainable program.”

According to Waters, MJHS is creating a new model of home care that focuses on people who are already receiving care from MJHS, which includes “Elderplan/HomeFirst members, and sub-acute patients being discharged from Menorah and Isabella Centers for Rehabilitation and Nursing Care, plus limited outside sources.”

Waters acknowledged that the new model requires a small number of employees, which is why 112 of them would be laid off.

“Fortunately, it appears we will have positions to offer roughly one-third of the employees, impacted by this change, within the health system.”

Twenty-two employees were laid off from their jobs at Senior Rehab Solutions (Norwegian Home and Health Center) on February 4. The nursing home facility also cited “economic” reasons for the layoffs.

One hundred employees are set to be laid off from Mercedes Distribution Center, Inc., a warehouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. So far, only eight have been laid off. According to Sarah Serrano, the office manager, the company is shutting down. “We were losing big clients, so the company is going to close.” The shutdown is supposed to take place in March or April, Serrano said.

One hundred twenty-eight Brooklyn employees are expected to be laid off from Independence Care System, Inc. (ICS), located on 25 Elm Place. The layoffs are scheduled to begin on April 7th. The reason? ICS is dropping its Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) line of business due to “changes in the business.” It is to note that 97 employees in Manhattan and 84 in the Bronx will also be laid off.

If there was a mass layoff in your company not listed above, do let us know!

We reached out to both ICS and Senior Rehab Solutions (Norwegian Home and Health Center) several times but did not hear back. 

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