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Law Student Sues NYPD For False Arrest After Calling Out Cops Who Parked In Bus Stop

Kings Highway and East 16th Street (Source: Google Maps)
Kings Highway and East 16th Street (Source: Google Maps)

A Cardozo School of Law student is suing the city and two police officers from the 61st Precinct, claiming they wrongfully arrested him after he chewed them out for parking in a bus stop to grab some food.

Tzvi Richt, 22, was given two disorderly conduct summonses after he got fed up and mouthed off to two officers who he claims chased off a man for parking in a bus stop – and then took the spot for themselves.

The incident happened in December, when Richt was on his way home from final exams. He spotted two officers in their patrol car at Kings Highway and East 16th Street. The boys in blue were honking at a man using a nearby ATM to move his car from a bus zone. When that man hurriedly pulled away to avoid a ticket, the cops pulled into the bus stop, left their vehicle, and hit a nearby food truck for some chow, the suit alleges.

The New York Post details what happened next:

Richt approached NYPD officers Graham Braithwaite and Jason Pinero and quizzed them about the apparent double standard.

“Plaintiff asked the officers whether they thought what they had done was right,” the suit states. “Kicking a civilian’s car out of a bus stop so that they could park there just to get food.”

Richt claims that he asked the question in a respectful manner and was not “yelling or shouting,” according to court papers.

Braithwaite tried to shoo Richt away – but he wasn’t taking no for an answer.

“Plaintiff responded by asking whether he wasn’t allowed to ask a question of a police officer,” the suit states.

Braithwaite then demanded Richt’s identification – but the student asked if they had the right to make the request.

That’s when Braithwaite put him in cuffs and threw him in the back of the cruiser, the suit claims. Pinero apparently attempted to urge his partner to forget about it and move on, but to no avail.

Richt spent an hour and a half behind bars before getting the disorderly conduct citations.

The Daily News notes that the summonses were tossed in court, and that Braithwaite has been transferred to desk duty while his superiors investigate.

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  1. They only know care about their well being and their financial opportunities…these scum are the most untrusted group of people ever they lie more often then your average criminal. Their actions can cause someone’s livelihood and financial hardship…What I still don’t understand how so many people still respectful to these pigs after they extort money from us and harass us.

  2. But they are above the law……. Where have you been at? Cops can do whatever the fuck they want and get away with it….

    Don’t you remember… that one case here in sheepshead? Cop said he got violent and lied on the record etc….. cops > people.

  3. Tzvi Richt….You did what I so many times wanted to do! I support you 100%. Both officers should be prosecuted with one being removed from the police department permanently…with no desk job…no pay….and benefits revoked permanently.

  4. I want to contribute for his effort… I looked on internet could not find away to contribute to his fight. I am willing to help these kind of people because that’s how I know more people will stand up to these savages….if anyone will come across like a PayPal or his official web site asking for help please post here. Thank you

  5. i have no problem with cops parking where they want when they want. if an urgent call comes in and they need to rush to a scene of a crime, i dont think they should waste time getting back to their patrol car at the nearest open legal parking spot. neither would you. this kid is an asshole and everybody that thinks what he did is correct is operating under a silly media induced bias against authority.

  6. Bus stops are a No Standing Zone, which is obviously what the motorist was doing, the Cops weren’t standing they were eating

  7. I am all for them parking anywhere they want when there is an actual emergency but damn to arrest someone and extort money from a person because they are above the law…..hell no. That’s what’s wrong with your thinking you keep obeying these pigs in reality when they break laws more often then your average criminals

  8. its not the place of this arrogant kid to question the conduct of the police while they are on duty .. especially when he had no involvement or relation to what they were doing.. he felt that they were doing something wrong, good for him, go write a letter, file a complaint, call the news, call another cop… But leave cops alone while they are on duty.. you cannot have a well functioning safety instrument that is our police force if the public can go around harassing police for everything they do… the kid was out of line and the police told him to leave them alone.. his persistence to harass the cops about their parking amount to, in my opinion, obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct.. he should have been arrested.. and then slapped around as well for being an asshole

  9. these are the same folks that complain about police response times,,,guess they dont figure in the patrol car being blocked by a double parked car

  10. Since when is it against the law to politely ask a police officer a question. What do you think woud have happened if he wrote a letter? He would have received a response that they were on a call when they were not.

    Police are not above the law. Of course in an emergency no one woud expect them to look for a legal parking space. That is just ridiculous. But they shoudn’t illegally ark inconveniencing bus pasengers so they coud ave lunch. In this case, they shoud hae looked for a proper parking space.

    I once saw a police car speed with their siren on only to park and slowly walk into a Dnkin Donuts. If t were an emerency, they wouldn’t have lazily strolled in there. Of course that is perfectly acceptable to you as is parking on the sidewalk in front of every singe police station in this city every single day. They just set a bad example which is why they have lost wveryone’s

  11. You said it. The corruption is beyond the pale and this is Brooklyn where whole precincts were on mob payrolls since the 1960’s. Hell, the FBI knew the entire 62nd was dirty in the 1970’s – but what goes on now is just unbelievable.

    Unless you own The National or Rasputin and have many “Special Dinners” for the local precincts, you are the enemy to these Domestic Terrorists and Unionized Liars. The biggest group of criminals in the city are the 30,000 armed robbers in the NYPD.

    It is epidemic across the country where people are finally realizing what minority communities have known for decades: cops are never to be trusted. And now the public is beginning to turn on them:

    Those who still support these pigs haven’t seen their real faces yet. Give it time. A Liberal, it is said, is a Conservative who has yet to be mugged. A Cop Lover is a Libertarian who hasn’t been abused by cops or seen their corruption firsthand – YET.

    There was a story a couple weeks back about a local Domestic Terrorist being run over and left bleed with a local store owner coming out to wrap his wounds – had I seen that, I would have laughed – finally a bit of comeuppance.

    The local precinct is worse than a drug gang running around with semi-automatics, they abuse, beat and rob at will and absolutely refuse to do their jobs. They sheer disgust that they hold the public i.e. “Civvies” is unbelievable. They see themselves as demigods overlording peons who inconvenience them in between donut breaks and vacations days before their retirement.

    Look at what that local precinct has done in the last few years alone, beatings, setting up John Hockenjos, Steroid addled sociopaths who robbed banks… Isn’t it time for another “Dinner” at The National and Rasputin? The local mob is running millions in narcotics through these neighborhoods, but strangely when the police are called and high ranking cops notified, there are no arrests but the operations move – as if they are being protected.

    I’m sure that it is a coincidence… and the cop I saw driving a $115,000 Mercedes convertible came by the money for that car “honestly”.

  12. lost everyone’s respect. I just feel sorry for all the good police officer’s who respect the law and still believe in doing a good job and aren’t just there for the early retirement and pension. Because they have to hear all the negative police comments.

  13. Response times? You mean they are supposed to show up when you call about robberies, burglaries and beatings? They have more important things to do like write tickets, frame innocent men, abuse the public and have “dinners” with the local Organistazia.

  14. Those mythic “good” cops are s guilty. Nuremberg ended the “just following orders” protections for standing by and aiding war crimes.

    Keep in mind how that precinct set up John Hockenjos, only one cop was fired, convicted and served but a single day in jail, while Hockenjos was innocent and spent three days in jail and faced SEVEN YEARS IN PRISON. There were five other cops on that video who stood by and allowed the false arrest to take place. Not one said a word and not one was ever even charged. This was AIDING AND ABETTING THE COMMISSION OF A CRIME. As there was a conspiracy involving several individuals, this was prosecutable under the RICO Act. Had they been a non-protected class, all of them would have faced arrest and prosecution.

    There are no “good” cops. Only ones that you haven’t seen openly abusing their positions committing crimes.

  15. But you have masses of morons that will still leak pigs balls just out of fear….I cant believe after so many incidents where cops lie and abuse their authority naïve/stupid people still trying to protect these so called cops…..

  16. I have seen officers from the 61st Pct and other Pcts. give tickets for faulty headlights and they have a headlight out.
    Double standards for the badge or no badge.
    Have also seen this in other ways.
    Rule 1… THE Police are always right.
    Rule 2 …IF THE Police are wrong, see Rule 1.

  17. Yep I’m sure you always see lots of tickets for faulty headlights being written out by cops with faulty headlights. And by always I mean you may have seen it once. I know when I see a car pulled over and a ticket being written I always check to see what that person is getting a ticket for. I then immediately check to make sure the cop writing the ticked inst breaking that very law the he is enforcing.

  18. The hostility to police on this site is amazing and I wonder if it’s ginned up by a small group of cop-haters or really reflective of community feelings. Years ago the 61 Pct. was nicknamed “Fort Siesta”. And if any of you pundits go to the next Community Council meeting I wonder if you will raise the issue of this pesky kid to the precinct commander. I hope you do and that The BITES reports on it afterwards. From what little has been reported in the press, the kid was a PITA but the immature cops really overreacted. Anyone ever see The Andy Griffith Show episode about The Citizens Arrest of barney fife?

  19. How can someone sound so intelligent yet be so dumb? I’m going to guess that you are a younger person who just doesn’t have that much experience with life yet. God willing you will live long enough to gain that knowledge, the knowledge of knowing you are no better than those who you preach about. You talk as if you have seen ever police officer preform a corrupt act yet I’m positive that you rely on only a couple of personal experiences (if any) and whatever you’ve been told by acquaintances. I can assure you that not all cops are bad. For you to hold each one responsible for the actions of a few, and then to expect that they do the same wrongs…well isn’t that exactly what minorities are trying to fight against themselves? Im going to use an example… I’m sure you don’t want to be grouped in with a set of drug dealing gang bangers because of the way you dress or the music you listen to. Your not guilty because you conduct yourself the same way so why would you assume that another cop is as bad as the first? I’ll tell you, immaturity! When you go around preaching hate and grouping people all together it get us, as a society, nowhere. We can not move on from racism if we don’t do our part to see the truth. All I ask is that you think about what I’m saying….but sadly I suspect you will not.

  20. I agree that the hostility to police seems to have gone a bit overboard, but…

    From what I read, the kid was merely asking a question and persisted a bit when the cops told him to mind his own business. Since they weren’t on a call, he wasn’t preventing them from doing their job, so I fail to see how he was a PITA. Are you not allowed to question the police? Do you think what they did was correct? Chase someone from a bus stop just so try could take it for their personal use?

  21. That “small” group of “cop haters” are the ones who are not living in a fantasy and have had MULTIPLE DEALINGS WITH THAT PRECINCT, WITNESSED MULTIPLE actions indicative of a dangerous armed gang rather than a “professional,” “modern” police department. This “small” group of “cop haters” have known innocent men who have been beaten, framed, and terrorized by the heroic police. This “small” group has witnessed payoffs, cops supervising multi kilo cocaine deals in broad daylight, seen nice kids terrorized by undercover cops while drug houses receive protection.

    As for “complaining to the commander” good idea.. same as complaining to John Gotti that some of his boys are misbehaving. Apparently, the last commander though of himself as a don after dining in The National and Rasputin so many times as a favorite customer, an One Police Plaza agreed making him part of the organized crime task force.

    To be as obtuse as the cop lickers on this site, you people are either living with happy pills, blindfolded or getting a piece of the action from the numerous oceans of cash coming from the booming illicit “economy” that is being protected.

    We know never to trust these domestic terrorists ands many ave amassed private arsenals to protect themselves – one neighbor kept an AK for home defense after the hurricane.

    Useless, corrupt, unionized liars. And when they think they can get away with it: abusive, brutal thugs who enjoy beating and terrorizing anyone they feel is weaker than them. Like 5’2 school teachers with epilepsy

  22. Are you under psychiatric care? If so, it may be time to change physicians and medication, if not – definitely time to consider it.

    I have very unique experiences and have plenty of experience which makes me an expert on what I write about.

    As a matter of fact YES I HAVE WITNESSED corruption, starting when I was a kid watching two uniformed locals literally look the other way to a multi-killo cocaine deal in broad day light – they actually looked the other way as a woman ran out of a local home holding up two ziplock bags filled with white powder, lean into a late model BMW and emerge with a wad of cash that she promptly stuffed in her bra. I was 12 and I knew what I had seen, apparently the two local cops didn’t see nothin’.

    I listened to the stories of my grandfather being beaten as a young boy by Irish cops, the stories of how cops would rob the register of my friend’s parents, how detectives stole Christmas present money from the dresser of my own father, how $40,000 bought off City judge, how charges could disappear with a “contract” – see bribe, how local brothels payoff the local precincts and how detectives acted as contract killers for the mob.

    Preaching “hate”? In the immortal words of Martin Luther King: INJUSTICE ANYWHERE IS A THREAT TO JUSTICE EVERYWHERE.

    Burying your head in the sand and believing yourself special because you have not witnessed, been a victim or had friends and/or family been victimized by corrupt cops – is supporting injustice.

    It is far more than “a few” bad apples. It is systematic, with those not actively participating, being complicit by their silence. When I see a tape with five officers standing by as one officer frames an innocent man and charges him with attempted murder – Those FIVE OTHERS ON THE TAPE ARE AS GUILTY AS THE ONE FRAMING HIM.

    However corrupt cops once were, there is now a far greater threat to the innocent. The NYPD, along with departments across the country have come to see the public as enemy combatants, not neighbors or citizens. They are hired to fill arrest and ticket quotas, trained to see every civilian as a contemptible nuisance or an enemy combatant and see their “job” to retire as quickly as possible. Then there is the “special” justice they give to those having dinners in locations of ill repute and often ongoing FBI investigations like Rasputin.

  23. Seems my comment – about a friend being issued 7 tickets on East 12 and Z for a defective tail light and his speaking to a friend in the Commissioner’s office, sending them the phony summonses and them all being dismissed with the all the cop’s ticket being looked into – has been removed.

    Was it because I also mentioned having been a college student years ago who was tailgated by a police van after he ran a red-light without using his siren, was not responding to any emergency and was then pulled over and threatened that he “could pull me out of my car and beat me”? Was it that I said how this “officer” was rambling on in a rage that was surely indicative of drug abuse, psychiatric issues or prior steroid abuses of which that particular precinct is notorious for?

    Or was it that I said if a member of the public in possession of a loaded deadly weapon had threatened someone with bodily harm after acting in a manner suggesting mental problems, that a civilian would have faced several felony counts, while this “officer” considered his abuse one of the perks that came with his job?

    Things get pulled all the time for no reason..

    i wonder if I mention how my school teacher friend, who stands 5’3 on a tall day and suffers severe epilepsy, was pulled from his car, beaten mercilessly by three overweight “officers” and suffered seizures as a result of the brain trauma aggravating his epilepsy and left to convulse in the street before being arrested and charged with “assault”? Maybe I should write how he was awarded a VERY LARGE sum for his injuries when he sued the City and that the case was settled out of court?

    But again, some people think that these are machinations of “cop haters” “ginning” up anti-cop sentiment and having comments like these pulled…

  24. For all you non boomers who did not know of the Knapp Commission and of the Frank Serpico-

    What Frank Serpico Started: The Knapp Commission Report

    Read these articles and see what NYC Police department is about an STILL goes on today throughout the fiver boros. You today still hear about corruption and the things the NYC Police think they can get away with. Hooray for the Frank Serpicos who are still out there and who CATCH THE Bad guys (cops).

    Frank Serpico dragged into fellow whistleblower Adrian Schoolcraft’s NYPD suit
    Retired police officer Frank Serpico has received a subpoena related to fellow NYPD whistleblower Adrian Schoolcraft’s $50 million lawsuit. The 77-year-old retired cop believes the NYPD still holds a grudge against him.

  25. God bless you! You bring up good points but you still are close minded to the truth which is that you lump people in groups. You judge a book by its cover! I didn’t think you would really think about what I was trying to say. Be well! “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” Plato

  26. Wow this great individual that took his time to break down to you naive morons what pigs think of us. How many times will people give free pass for scumbags that suppose to behave like law abiding officers to protect and serve. These officers all they do is steal, lie and harass people just to achieve their agenda even if they have to put an innocent person in jail for absolutely doing nothing wrong…These pigs talk to public like we owed them something….without no respect. I wont go into whole speech here apparently person with better writing skills and thought process did not change your mind then nothing will….Keep saying thank you officer for extorting your money and harassing you….Always praise these pigs as heroes because they are your masters.

  27. As soon as you use the word “all”, you are wrong if there is only one honest cop around.

    I used to work for the MTA, and as much as I criticize them for all the wrong they do, as soon as someone makes a statement, that “all” MTA workers do not care or “all” city workers are lazy, I will come to their defense because it is untrue.

    That is the point about making generalizations and creating stereotypes. We an argue all day what percentage of cops are “bad” or how many are “good”. But “all” never applies.

  28. You lost your credibility with the Epilepsy….. Your school teacher friend, who you wrote ‘suffers severe epilepsy’ wouldn’t have been driving in the first place. (for the most obvious of reasons). Further dissection of other details not needed.


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