Late Night Subway Disruptions 11/2 – 11/5

Photo by Gary Wong via Flickr

What’s a Sheepshead man to do when he gets on the subway after too many drinks in the city, only to discover that the Q train terminates at Pacific Street, forcing him to stumble through the labyrinthine passageways to another Q train to complete the trip?

Well, the answer to that question is that I… er, that Sheepshead man probably shouldn’t be drinking in the city late at night on a workday. But you’re not the boss of me… er, that Sheepshead man!

But, if you’re like that stubborn jerk – or if you’re in the city late-night for any other reason (really, what other reason can there be?) – you should be aware that this will happen to you this week.

Beginning tomorrow, November 2, until Friday, November 5, the Q train will operate in two sections:

  • Between 57 Street-7 Avenue and Pacific Street
  • Between Atlantic Avenue and Stillwell Avenue, every 30 minutes.

That means if you’re coming from – or attempting to go to – anywhere north of Atlantic Avenue, you’ll need to transfer to complete you trip.

On an obviously unrelated note, enjoy your fare hikes that go into effect on December 30!