Late Night Accident on Ocean Ave Involving A Mercedes & A Rite-Aid Truck

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Late last night, at approximately 11;15 p.m., there was a car accident on Ocean Avenue.

According to an eyewitness to the accident, a white Mercedes sedan that appeared to be speeding on Ocean Avenue collided with a Rite-Aid truck. The truck was double parked with its tail lights flashing and the back door open, but with no interior lights illuminated in the cargo space.

The eyewitness said that it was most likely that the “Mercedes didn’t see the truck until it was too late as he slammed on the brakes and was fish tailing it for about one-quarter of the block.”

The truck was empty and no one appeared to be seriously injured. The driver of the Mercedes refused offers for calls to 9-1-1, explaining that he was in communication with On-Star.

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