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Community Board 11 Approves 16th Avenue Private School Expansion

6107 16th Avenue (Source: Google Maps)
6101 16th Avenue (Source: Google Maps)

Community Board 11 had a lot more on it’s plate last week than it usually does. They approved two applications. One was from a Jewish private school (6101 16th Avenue); they’re seeking to build another three floors on top of the three it already has. And the other was from R&D Auto Center at 6602 New Utrecht Avenue, a request to renew the variance allowing it to operate in the same location for another 10 years.

The room was also filled with more political and community representatives than ever before, all of which wanted to make announcements. There were representatives from the Chinese American Brooklyn Branch, the Office of Child Support Enforcement and Brooklyn’s Borough Director Jonathan Viguers came in person. A cohort of Orthodox Jews also came to the meeting to make sure that theĀ Bais Sarah-Educ School for Girls got the extension approval.

Some things that were covered during the meeting,

  • Congressman Jerrold Nadler talked about the “gasoline tax” that funds New York City’s transportation system. He warned that if these taxes do not increase to at least match inflation then the city would see another fare hike.
  • Comptroller Scott Stringer also made a personal appearance to the meeting to make himself known to the public and to announce that he would be fighting for the interests of “each and every New Yorker.”
  • Councilman David Greenfield’s representative announced that, as a result of participatory budgeting, he’ll be funneling $1 million onĀ upgrading the technology in the Midwood, Mapleton and Ryder branches of the Brooklyn Public Library, as well as for “street resurfacing” and fixing damaged roads.
  • Councilman Mark Treyger’s representative announced that they will soon be opening an office at 2015 Stillwell Avenue.
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