Larry David’s Sheepshead Bay Upbringing Spotlighted In Advance Of New Play

Source: Wikimedia Commons

What a curmudgeon. Sheepshead Bay’s most famous living resident, Larry David, is in town for the long haul, and it looks like he’s shunning his old neighborhood.

The surly comic writer who created Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm has taken up residence in a “five-star suite” of an East Side hotel while he preps for his new Broadway project, Fish in the Dark. 

The Daily News, ever the astute reporting enterprise, accurately notes that it has “nothing in common” with his old Brooklyn digs.

This is a guy who grew up in a noisy and crowded Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, apartment, the son of a clothing-manufacturer father and an often disapproving mother.

Sadly, David didn’t discuss his upbringing – or anything else – with the paper, so they turned to friends, including Richard Lewis. The two were born just 72 hours apart at Brooklyn Jewish Hospital in Crown Heights.

“Larry was annoying me when I was 3 — as in, 3 days old,” Lewis told the paper, joking that they had to fight for the attention of doctors and nurses. “We’re just linked in some bizarre ways.”

While Lewis’ family headed to New Jersey, David went home to Sheepshead Bay… where he apparently did little with his spare time.

In the 1965 Topaz yearbook for Sheepshead Bay High School, David’s senior portrait lists his name and address above a big block of white space. No clubs. No roster of activities. Nothing. Perhaps that’s where he got the idea for his most famous sitcom.

Okay, so the article is scant on details about David’s Sheepshead Bay. And David himself rarely talks about his childhood, though in 2012 he told the Financial Times that the neighborhood was full of loud, nosy people (not much has changed, eh?)

So with David back in town for a few months, we’re hoping he’ll take a trip back to Sheepshad Bay. And if you’re reading this David, give us a call and let us pick your brain about what the neighborhood was like, why you left, and what you think of it these days.

We’ll trade – if you give us 30 minutes on the record, we’ll start the fight to get a statue of you built somewhere in the neighborhood!

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  1. The funny thing is that Larry David actually was back in Sheepshead yesterday afternoon taking pictures by the parking lot on the corner of Ave Z and Nostrand. In fact my wife got a picture with him. Someone asked him what he was doing here and his reply was the expected “Nothing really” !

  2. He WAS in Sheepshead Bay yesterday…they funny thing i didn’t know is that he grew up in the apartment that me and my family live in now. He actually came in and looked at the apartment and took a few pictures with us.

  3. Larry is a nice guy. Did he just knock on your door and suprise he was there? That must have been exciting.

  4. Larry came and visited Shell Bank IS14 which he graduated in 1962. He spent 2 hours being interviewed for 60 minutes and was very friendly tonus all. He posed for pictures, signed autographs and chatted away with us. He brought his daughter with him who was also very sweet. Obviously he cared enough to bring her for a little tour of his old neighborhood. Check out 60 minutes in March and you can watch his interview. We provided Larry with Shell Bank shirts as well as his year book photo. He was very appreciative. He even sang the Shell Bank song a song he sang while a student 53 years ago.

  5. “Nothing really” !
    Classic Larry David. It looks as if ‘Fish’ will really take off…which (sadly), means the likely end for Curb Your Enthusiasm. It didn’t have to be—-we sent LArry (and Jeff G) a copy of this: (THe Lost Episodes) –
    He could have used it (free) as filler or a stopgap. Looks too late now.

  6. “Most” famous? I don’t think so. Lots of celebs frm the area, just look at Madison’s “wall of distinction”.

  7. Wow, i was Sheepshead Bay class of 1967, 2 years after Larry. And I also went to Shellbank. And I lived 1 block from Ave z and Nostrand. Great memories

  8. From the info reported here, it looks like Larry David entered JHS 14 (Shellbank Jr. High) the same year as I did, although I ended up graduating a year early. Funny thing is … despite our both being in the 7th grade at Shellbank at exactly the same time, I don’t remember him at all. But, then again, I’m sure he doesn’t remember me either.
    BTW, can someone explain why he attended P.S. 194 (Raul Wallenberg Elementary School), rather than the now-defunct P.S. 98 (which was located much closer to Shore Terrace, at Avenue Z and East 26th Street). Is there any possibility that, because P.S. 98 was closed years ago (and the building converted into a Yeshivah), Larry David and his biographer have confused the name of his elementary school?

  9. I am first accidentally. Reading this in October. Of 2019.shut up when I first found out that he and I went to the same high school I was flabbergasted! I also writeAnd. Act and I was in the drama class. And club for my 3 years at Sheepshead! I. Amaneh number of years younger than Larry because I skipped a few grades. But. We were at that school partially at the same time it appears! I can’t believe he was not in the drama club.! I would have known him very, very well if so! I would like to ask him why he was not involved because we had the Greatest Theatre Club and teacher. In this whole 5 boroughs of New York! I am not exaggerating. We had a traveling children’s Theatre, will you peered on public television and public radio and toured the entire 5 boroughs entertaining children. On weekends or I guess it was during the week! I’ve been planning to get in touch with him. About a project I have in mind! I did see the 60 minutes interview on YouTube! You haven’t seen it you should watch it! I don’t remember hearing about this play! I will check further into that! AND.. If you really went to PS 194… That was my elementary school. And I lived. Across the street from it.. I also would have gone to Sheldon, but I was on the other side of Avenue W. And we went to Marine Park JHS278 BY BUS.! I used to work for the.Courier Papers… I had a front page story one year. For the Flatbush edition. Also, i ran the Brooklyn Times. For couple of years. that was a very happy time in my life! If I can get a copy of this article. I would really appreciate it! This is an amazing experience. Thank you.

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