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Lark on Church Ave Officially Opens Today


Lark officially opens today at 7am, though many of you may have already gotten a sneak peak yesterday. They had planned on being open for a few hours so friends and family could check it out, but ended up welcoming in all the curious neighbors who passed by.

They’ll be open through 7pm tonight, but if you can’t make it over, we took a bunch of photos of the new space, which used to be two separate businesses on Church Ave between E 10th and Stratford. They’re hoping to extend their hours at some point, because they’ve got a liquor license.

The storefront is still a little bit of a “speakeasy” at the moment, as co-owner Kari Browne, who’s opened the space with fellow Ditmas Park resident Lori Kranczer, said yesterday. She said they’ve got a sign coming for the window soon, but you can’t miss the space–much different from what it looked like just last year.

As you walk in, there are two separate spaces. To the right, the counter and seating area, where there are about a dozen small tables, plus stools along a counter at the front windows. The free WiFi might attract the freelancing and work-from-home crowd.

To the left as you enter is the separated space for events, which they already have scheduled, and which they promise won’t all be just for kids.

Lark doesn’t have a kitchen so they’re not cooking or baking on site, but they’re got a menu of pastries, snacks, sandwiches, and more.

The doughnuts from Dough are monstrous. That one’s dulce de leche.

The bagels come from the Bagel Hole in Park Slope.

A lot of sweet pastries to choose from. While I was there, a couple of guys from the motorcycle shop Prospect Powersports around the corner on Coney Island Avenue came in to check it out, and one said that his wife told him to get “the prettiest muffin they had.” The guys added that they were excited to have another place over there to get coffee or lunch. That was the feeling of all the doctors and staff that stopped in from the medical office across Church Ave, as well.

Ricotta with blueberries and honey.

Yes, you can even grab a biscuit for Fido on your way to the park.

They’ve got space for six flavors of Blue Marble ice cream, which are currently vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, butter pecan, mint chip, and cookies and cream. That tiny bit missing from the strawberry was the first taste, by me, and man it’s delicious.

The coffee is from Stumptown, and they’ve got the beans for sale as well.

For more info, check out Lark’s website, their blog, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, or stop by–they’ll be open every day from 7am-7pm.

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  1. beautiful! best of luck to the owners… and please consider staying open a li’l later — at least in summer! it’d be so nice to stroll over after dinner for some blue marble ice cream. :^)

  2. Welcome! I can’t wait to check it out! Blue Marble ice cream within walking distance, this could be trouble…. in the best way.

  3. Will be over for a Donut Lunch a la Homer. Couldn’t be happier; was taken aback at ‘no kitchen’ then realized it’s brilliant to just stock the best instead of rustling up mediocre chow on-site (or just stocking mediocre chow, which is what Starbucks does). My  only concern is how well a space for screechy kiddies will meld with wi-fi table hogs nearby, but we’ll see. They’ve got a liquor license; if the perf space thing doesn’t catch fire, they could ramp up to a kitchen.

  4. I am already a huge fan of this place, and I haven’t even been there yet. I was about to stop off at the Thai place for a coffee on my way to the park yesterday, when I saw this place looked open.  I asked if they had iced coffee, and the woman I spoke to said that they weren’t actually open yet–but brought me out an iced coffee and a bag of very delicious pastries, all on the house.  She couldn’t have been nice. 

    Brenda–the space for kids is pretty separate from the rest of the area, so I think it will be pretty easy to keep the two groups separate.

  5. Went with my 3 boys. The blood orange donut was excellent!  The cappuccino was great.
    Really nice open and a airy place. it’s nice to see Church Ave with more nice places.
    Good Luck!

  6. Swung by there today.  Like AM Thai next door, they are going to be overwhelmed with how much this neighborhood was ready for them.  They had sold out of half the menu and there was still a (fast moving) line.  Yet plenty of room to sit, and as a commenter above noted, the kids space was separate enough to not have it dominate.   The proprietors seem to have a good sense of how to be kid friendly without letting it take the place over.  One of them, Laurie was there doing just what she ought to do right now, listening.  She just wanted to hear what else people wanted.  My teenage daughter gave her an earful. Laurie was taking notes and I bet will tap a big market of teens.  
      Kudos to the owners for investing in Church Ave, to Jan for showing them the space, and to Lauren Collins for whatever magic she is doing to bring this all on.

  7. Had Saturday morning breakfast here, lovely, although the space is somewhat unusual (shallow and extended along the sidewalk rather than a narrow storefront that goes deep).  It’s bright and clean and promising and they make an excellent “flat white” (a treat I just discovered at Dub Pies in Windsor Terrace).

  8. Stopped in on Friday with my toddler and we were impressed.  The space is very bright and clean!  Didn’t see signs of beer or wine yet, but perhaps soon!  As someone else mentioned, it would be nice to stroll over after dinner and get an ice cream – but I think we couldn’t make it until around 7 – by which time they’s be closed for the night… The staff seemed nice, but they are still working out some minor kinks.  Maybe a place for busing used silverware, mugs etc – so we don’t have to bother the staff by leaving them on the counter when we’re done…just a thought.  Good luck to the owners – we are happy you are here!   

  9.  I went on opening day – you’d think that the folks behind the counter/the baristas would’ve been a little on the uptempo, bright, smiling “welcome to our business” type of groove – but, nah, I just got this nonchalant thank you after paying for my order.  No pleasantries. Wouldn’t you wanna make your customers feel like they’re wanted back?

  10.  Noticed this but decided to stay relentlessly positive. I’m going to give them a few passes for opening panic.

  11. Unfortunately my experience was like Ashfordtst’s – went in for ice cream today, was the only one in line, but was ignored anyway because the young woman behind the counter was chatting with a friend of hers. I had to get another person’s attention since she had no interest in helping me. First impressions are hard to forget – I’m less likely to go back after this encounter.

  12. Your impressions and feedback are
    important to us. Although we’ve had a whirlwind of a week no one deserves to be
    ignored or overlooked. We want LARK be that welcoming place that you enjoy
    visiting and we’re sorry and truly disappointed your experience fell short of
    that. We hope you’ll come back and give us another try.
    -Kari and Lori


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