Lack Of Funding May Close Brooklyn Animal Foster Network

Lack Of Funding May Close Brooklyn Animal Foster Network
Brooklyn Animal Foster Network

The Brooklyn Animal Foster Network needs our help.

A News 12 report yesterday explained that the 17th Street nonprofit, who has been finding homes for orphaned animals in our area since 2005, witnessed a significant drop in donations this year, and is no longer accepting new rescues. They will be forced to shut their doors on June 15 if they do not receive enough donations to care for their existing animals.

Run completely by volunteers “who transport dogs and screen prospective adopters, the organization has no office or brick-and-mortar facility, and conducts most of its home-placement work online.

“But expenses are still steep,” a recent press release noted, “including veterinarian fees that can range from $450 to $600 per dog, or more for those dogs that need special veterinary care.”

After rescuing more than 2,500 animals since its inception, and we’d hate to see the organization close their doors for good.

A donation page has been set up for anyone interested in helping the nonprofit stay afloat. You can also find more information about the group and their various outreach programs by visiting their website, or calling 917-754-3537.

Image via Brooklyn Animal Foster Network