"Kruger's An Ungrateful Pig!" Says Attorney

In perhaps one of the weirder twists of the FBI probe into an alleged pay-to-play scheme involving State Senator Carl Kruger, the attorney of the restaurateur charged with lying to federal prosecutors is admitting his client is protecting the politician.

According to Brooklyn Paper:

Levitis’ attorney Jeffrey Lichtman claims the 32-year-old restaurant manager fell on his sword protecting Kruger by lying to federal investigators about their relationship.
“[Kruger’s] an ungrateful pig,” Lichtman said Friday. “You would think that when he woke up this morning and found that my client refused to cooperate, he would have been happy. Instead he acted like the typical selfish, greedy, corrupt Albany politician he is and threw Michael under the bus.”
Levitis was released from Federal custody on $500,000 bond. If convicted of lying to federal investigators, he faces five years in prison.

Michael Levitis is the manager of Rasputin night club, and a longtime supporter of Kruger. As we reported earlier, Levitis was arrested for lying to federal investigators. The manager was recorded telling another restaurant owner – who is a confidential informant – that Kruger could make his liquor license problems go away if he contributed campaign cash and held a fundraiser. Despite the recordings, Levitis denied he ever made that offer, and refused to cooperate with investigators seeking more concrete ties to Kruger.

By taking the heat and refusing to testify against the senator, Levitis stopped the case in its tracks.

But I don’t get it – why take the rap and protect the boss-man, and then implicate him by publicly announcing you’ve protected him?

I guess there’s just no honor among thieves…