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Kruger To Surrender To Feds On Corruption Charges


State Senator Carl Kruger is the most prominent name on a list of political and public leaders to be indicted tomorrow morning on federal corruption charges, according to reports.

The state senator is expected to face charges related to a corruption investigation previously unknown to the public.

That means these new charges are completely unrelated to the existing FBI probe that involved Rasputin nightclub owner Michael Levitis. That probe, dating back to 2007, explored an alleged influence peddling scheme in which Levitis was recorded telling another restaurateur that the state senator would help him with state matters if he held a fundraiser and turned over thousands of dollars for the politician’s campaign. Levitis pleaded guilty to lying to investigators last week, and Kruger’s representatives told Courier-Life that it was evidence his hands were clean.

Not much is known about the current charges and a press conference is expected to be held by federal prosecutors tomorrow. An anonymous source told the Daily News that the charges may include allegations that Kruger used his influence in the Senate to push for approval of a merger of a now-defunct Queens hospital.

State Senator Kruger has been a longtime power-broker in his district, wrangling political support – and, more frequently, silence – by being a patron to many organizations through discretionary funding, grants and other means of financial disbursement for the programs of community groups, religious organizations and civic associations across the neighborhood. Regardless of the extent of the charges, the neighborhood is sure to be rattled by a potential loosened grasp for a political player that brought hundreds of thousands of dollars into the community.

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  1. woohoo! rejoice common folk! One down, million to go. Power to the people!! federal people that is.

  2. Yipeee…Yeah, let’s all pile on our righteous bandwagon and join the parade. Meanwhile, the money interest will line up the next one to take their influence.

  3. I tried many times to set up a meeting with him. The ACLU told me he was a major impediment in Brooklyn against Gay Marriage in NYS. I was told I couldn’t. I was told he was too busy. I told them that I would sit in the office until he had 5 minutes. I was refused. Others told me he only makes time for major contributors.

    I am glad to see him finally brought to justice.

  4. Ned:
    I am shocked at your editorial about his bringing money into the community. I don’t know anyone with a good word about him.

    I’m sorry, I spoke incorrectly. He has major support in the Orthodox Jewish Community. Just how corrupt are they. They are supporting a homosexual. Isn’t that against the Torah?


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