Kruger: “Put Service Over Politics”

The above clip may well go down in the annals of New York State history as the most bizarre moment of gushing hypocrisy to spill forth from that Deepwater Horizon of political corruption known as Albany. In it, State Senator Carl Kruger addresses his peers on the occasion of the 11th appropriation special extender to this year’s budget – passed on June 14.

Kruger, ever the champion of civil service, took the opportunity to remind the senators that service must come before politics. He said, “For these past 10 weeks, this Democratic majority has kept government functioning while the unanimous sentiment of the Republican minority was to close down government. Our obligation was to put service over politics … After all the rhetoric is over, and after all the speeches are made, the fact is the campaigning has to end, and governing has to begin.

“So lets talk for a moment about this extender…”

He then continued to take a fat dump upon his Republican colleagues.

Senator, please, follow your own advice and stop playing games with the budget. Remove your political kickbacks that continue to stall the process, open up the budget hearings, and work with your colleagues in both parties to get the work done.