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Kruger Outrages Bereaved Mom In Promoting iPod Bill

Kruger at an October 2010 event.

State Senator Carl Kruger pushing a bill banning pedestrians from using iPods and other devices when crossing the street, but the mother of a man killed is outraged that the politician is using her son as a poster boy for the initiative.

Kruger first tried to get the bill – which would allow police to fine iPod-wearing pedestrians $100 – in 2007, but it lacked support. He’s trying to get it going again, and this time is touting the case of 21-year-old Jason King, who was fatally struck by a truck backing up last December while listening to his iPod.

His mother, Sonia King, is outraged because Kruger is using her son’s death as an example of why you shouldn’t listen to your iPod while crossing the street, and implying that King was to blame for wearing the iPod. But she said there was more to the story, and is bashing Kruger for failing to contact her before using her son’s name as part of his political campaign.

“[Kruger] used our son’s death to go for headlines and political pandering,” King told Courier-Life. “Shame on politician Kruger for leaving out the truth.”

“My son was crossing the street legally in the crosswalk when a large construction truck illegally backed into the crosswalk and killed him,” she wrote in a letter to Kruger. “The accident happened on a one way street.”

Kruger mentioned King’s death in a press release about his bill, accouring to Courier-Life, claiming that music was “blaring through [Jason King’s] headphones” and that he “failed to hear the backup signal” of the truck that struck and killed him as he left work on Madison Avenue on December 7.

Kruger’s colleagues in Albany do not favor the bill and no one has co-sponsored it.

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  1. He’s still playing that riff. A few years ago it was cell phones and pedestrians.

    Maybe he could try to ban ipods and cell phones altogether. If you’re going to play Don Quixote, go all the way.

  2. How do people continue to vote for this guy? Is there really no better candidate to either primary him inside the Democratic party or challenge him from the Republican side? At this point, I don’t even care which party it is, I just want him out.

  3. I’d rather have a bill that bans musicians from playing on trains. I don’t care if they play in the station. But I am annoyed when they play on the train. I always try to get some work done or rest on the train and that is always disrupted by train musicians. Blah.

  4. That photo merely fails to show this pig’s hooves and curly tail. As with Bloomberg’s latest smoking ban, this gives cops too much authority, and authorty they probably do not want. It’s killing a mosquito with a nuclear weapon. What a dick.

  5. There arent enough Transit cops to prevent rape attempts on the Subway and you want them to go after some moron playing crappy music? Really? How about priorities.

    Do what I used to do. Stand up, and ask them to stop. When I was a teenager If some dick was on the train spouting religion or asking for money I’d take off my head phones and tell them quite loudly that they should stop harassing everyone and move to another train. 2/3 times I got applause. The rest of the time I was just as ignored as the other guy.

  6. Is he kidding himself? Why do we always love to blame someone other then the person at fault? Look both ways when crossing the street…something parents instill in their children since birth. Why should people be fined for listening to music over one accident. He probably had his music on so loud that he did not hear the truck’s back-up signal. I hate this blame game…ever since a woman spilled her HOT coffee on herself and sued McDonald’s, we became a country warning labels for stupid people. Does an Ipod now need to come with a warning label saying WARNING: Listening to loud music causes you not hear what’s going around you………..did we become so dependent on labels telling us what to do that we now have our lawyers on speed dial for something as common-sense as realizing that coffee is, in fact, hot and will burn you if spilled…or putting a warning label on peanut butter saying that it contains NUTS! Public schools banned PB&J sandwiches from their lunch menus because some child ate one and had an allergy…why should others suffer because someone’s parents did not do a good job of telling their child not to eat it. Pedestrians should not be fined…ignorant people should!

  7. Is it supposed to be ironic that it’s the epitome of stupidity to try and legislate away stupid behavior?

    What’s he gonna do next, pass a law that makes it illegal for water to gather in puddles?

  8. They can fine people for listening with headphones and raise revenue. Albany and Bloomberg will always use any excuse to collect more fines. Health and safety is the prime excuse they use. Now if you van figure out a way to collect money from those puddles, someone might sponsor that law.

  9. How about fining the bum on Emmons & Ocean Aves for knocking in the window and cursing ppl out when they do not give money…oh but we can’t cause its not politically correct and might hurt the bum’s feelings

  10. what about the bum who sits around Kings Highway usualy with a cup of coffee and a Pack of cigarettes smoking, While begging for money…. thats just plain funny.

    he already knows not to ask me cause i put him in his place.

  11. I just voted against him, but so many people didn’t even know that this phony was up for re election. Is it Kruger or Crooker?

  12. wow, this is a fucked up story. i hope a a cop speeding through a red light on his way to get donuts , hits a pot hole, flys through the air and hits kruger in the nose

  13. wow, this is a fucked up story. i hope a a cop speeding through a red light on his way to get donuts , hits a pot hole, flys through the air and hits kruger in the nose

  14. Problem is that he is the incumbent, and makes it easy for people to continue to vote for him since he seems to be doing a good job. Why can’t we limit terms on State Senators?

  15. Term Limits??? Didn’t we vote for that for City Officials, TWICE! And you see what happened with that.
    Kruger did have an opponent for a while in the last Primary, but for some reason he dropped out of the race ( I wonder why that happened?).

  16. This is freaking outrageous. Cars are running through red lights as if they don’t exist, speeding down roads like the Indy 500, and every other driver seems to be on his cellphone while doing it. And this bastard is blaming the pedestrians. Screw you, Kruger. I liked you better when you were taking illegal campaign contributions, at least you were no direct threat to me. You are now.

  17. The problem, my friend, was bluntly stated by my late dad. He told a buddy “You’d vote for Hitler if he was on the Democratic ticket”. I don’t care who’s offended by that, it’s the truth, and it’s free speech, so i’m posting it.

  18. That was true for older generations. I don’t think that younger people are as committed to party politics. Plus, why not get a Democrat to challenge him? Then there’s really no excuse at all not to vote against him.


    Today’s story says that Kruger is still being investigated.

    I bet Michael Levitis was allowed to plea to only a misdemeanor and keep his law license only because he spilled the beans on Carl Kruger.

    I practice law in federal court (SDNY). This isn’t some winky-dink state court where they offer you misdemeanor pleas for almost anything because they are afraid that you will take the case to trial and they don’t have the time to try so many cases.

    Federal court prosecutors have plenty of time and resources to try any case that comes their way. Assistant U.S. Attorneys play hardball in SDNY. It’s almost impossible to get a misdemeanor offer in a case like this without cooperating, a.k.a. ratting out someone else.

    For them to allow Levitis to avoid a felony and disbarment almost definitely means he spilled something “useful” on Kruger.

  20. So why tip their hand by finishing this piece of business before the case against Kruger is properly prepared? Apparently they need more help. What is Koppel’s situation at this time?

  21. What’s Kruger going to do? Run away to Mexico?

    He can’t take anymore bribes anyway. He is no longer chairman of the Finance Committee, replaced by Senator John DeFransisco of Syracuse. The NY Post was wrong on that because this liar still claims to be Finance Chair on his web site.

    This is a far cry from the time when he would close the door and stick whatever he and his favorite lobbyists wanted in the budget, completely out of view of the media and the taxpayers. (And when he would report his “fundraising”, he’d always get over half a million around this time period.)

    Today, he’s reduced to claiming to be something he no longer is. He can’t do anything anymore. He’ll keep his job until he’s arrested just so that he could get his salary and to continue to claim that he’s still somebody important.

    The FBI will be able to continue to investigate him even though they realize that he knows they are doing it.

    Notice that he spent hundreds of thousands on a criminal defense attorney’s legal fees the last few months.

  22. The question is whether they need Koppel’s co-operation or not. I don’t believe that Levitis gave them enough to cover all their points. Koppel’s much closer. Besides, Kruger has been claiming that Levitis was acting on his own.

  23. Despite all the talk about not rating people out, I’ve never someone who had a chance to avoid prison by telling on others who didn’t take that chance. If Levitis gave information on Jason Koppel and Koppel has a chance to avoid even getting arrested, much less stuck with a prison sentence, he will give up Kruger in a heartbeat.

    I don’t know the man except from newspapers, and I am sure he will swear to Kruger that this is false. But nobody goes to prison for a stupid “value” like refusing to give up a criminal. If Koppel does this, he’ll be first.

  24. What ever happen to the FBI investigation?

    What ever happen to the $250,000 he spend of campaign money for the lawyer?

    If you are so innocent, you dont need $250,000 for legal fees.

    Some people dont have $250,000 for lawyers to spend

    But, Kruger CROOK does





    Cant wait for the day this PIG is in JAIL

    He may have $5,000,000 stolen CA$H for lawyers.

    But, I hope JUSTICE prevails and this scum goes to prison.

    Where is the FBI?

    Where is the FBI?

    What happened to JASON? He stakes to money to give to Kruger’s pocket.

  25. Where is the JUSTICE?

    Why is he not in prison?

    Why does Levitis ( who screwed more people that Kruger), still walking the streets?

    Ohhh, because he has the ROLODEX of Kruger and Kruger has the ROLODEX of every judge’s cell phone and home number to call?

    Where is the FUCKEN justice?

    Why is Kruger not in prison with Gelman and a boy friend?

  26. He gets away with everything because no Democrat wanted to challenge him in primaries because he was uber-powerful until recently as a long-term Finance Committee Chairman. And Republicans actually gave him that committee when they made a deal with him, so they never once put a challenger in the general election for that reason.

    Now that Republicans no longer have a deal with him and he lost all his power in the State Senate (he’s no longer chairman of anything and is disliked by both Republican and Democratic leadership after public fights with both), will a challenger finally stand up? Either a Democrat in primaries or a Republican in the general election will do.

    It’s less a matter of ideology for me and more a matter of getting rid of a corrupt politician. This is not Zimbabwe, corrupt politicians like him shouldn’t be able to get away with it without so much as facing a challenger.


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