Kruger May Resign By End Of Summer

State Senator Carl Kruger privately told confidants that he intends to take a plea deal and resign by the end of summer. But, publicly, the embattled pol is saying he plans to stick around and will fight the charges.

An anonymous source told the New York Post about the state senator’s plans, noting that the resignation and potential guilty plea will give Kruger some wiggle room in negotiating with prosecutors. But it’s not just his own self-interest fueling the decision; according to the Post, Kruger is trying to buy a better deal for his presumed lover, Michael Turano, as well.

“The importance of his decision is so that he can negotiate better for his boyfriend,” an Albany source told the Post. “It’s better to be able to negotiate the terms of your own surrender.”

Feds swept up Kruger, Turano and six others after a multi-year FBI investigation found evidence of corruption and more than $1 million in bribes to the politician. Kruger allegedly set up shell companies with Turano’s help, to launder the money and direct it to himself and the Turano family. Court documents also shed light on an unusually close relationship between Kruger and the Turanos, with Michael described as his “close friend” and “roommate,” though many have concluded that they’re lovers.

The timing of Kruger’s potential resignation comes as prosecutors are reviewing the current charges against the local pol, with an updated indictment expected in early September. Kruger’s lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, has complained that the current case is too vague to adequately prepare for trial, and the updated charges are expected to be more specific.

Meanwhile, residents of the district have become hobbled by a suddenly impotent Albany representative. Kruger is proving to be political kryptonite in the state capitol, with none of the 372 bills he introduced during the legislative session this year passing.

Despite his loss of political clout, the ongoing criminal drama and the murmers of political observers and anonymous sources, Kruger is pushing forward with the public stance that he’ll stay in office and fight the charges.

“I am absolutely not resigning, and I will continue to do what I’ve been doing for the last 18 years,” he told the Post.

If Kruger does resign from office, the Democratic front runner for his seat appears to be Councilman Lew Fidler, who formed a fundraising committee called Lew Fidler for New York to collect campaign contributions for an “unspecified” state office shortly after charges were levied against Kruger. The councilman has all but admitted that this is for Kruger’s seat.