Kruger Gets Behind Animal Rights Legislation

State Senator Carl Kruger may not care much for gay rights, but he’s pulling his weight on animal rights issues.

Kruger sponsored a bill in the State Senate that would make illegal “canned shoots” – fenced-in hunting facilities where shooters pay to kill animals that are not wild. The bill is being touted by the Humane Society as a step forward in stopping the unfair slaying of animals.

According to the Legislative Gazette, the Humane Society says so-called hunters use the rigged shoots to obtain trophy-size animals to decorate their homes with. Animals are often raised by private breeders, they say, and make no effort to escape because of previous human contact. On the society’s website they write that “lions raised as pets who end up at canned hunt facilities would lick the hands of hunters before being shot. In another widely reported case, a ram stood still as arrows were repeatedly shot at the defenseless animal.” Which begs the question, who the hell would go from having their hand licked by a lion to shooting it in the freakin’ face?