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Kruger Creates Hubbub After 15-Year-Old's Death


State Senator Carl Kruger is under attack yet again, after barging into a principal’s meeting to declare Roy H. Mann Junior High School a neighborhood problem in the wake of a 15-year-old Madison High School student’s tragic death.

The Daily News reports:

While there’s been no suggestion that drugs or alcohol played a role in the incident, state Sen. Carl Kruger (D-Brooklyn) visited the school yesterday to say the school is troubled.

“Neighbors have complained about drinking and drug activity at the school for years,” said Kruger. “This tragedy highlights the need to improved security at the school.”

An Education Department source complained that Kruger “barged” into a meeting in the principal’s office and dropped off empty cans of alcohol he found. “Nothing was supposed to be touched as there is a police investigation going on, so he basically just tampered with evidence,” said the source.

Kruger said he saw no crime tape.

Education spokeswoman Margie Feinberg said guards watch over the school at night, adding: “The incident is under investigation, and the school is cooperating with police.”

The fumbled display of leadership is one of few appearances Kruger has made since turning himself in to federal authorities on corruption charges in March.

Meanwhile, the state senator also received some snark from Albany’s Times-Union blog, Capital Confidential, who mocked his notably un-notable constituent newsletter. They sum it up like so:

He’s happy the power bill was signed into law. Don’t close hospitals in Brooklyn. Cuts to services hurt.

La di da. Ho hum. No mention of the fact that Kruger is facing federal corruption charges (he’s pleaded not guilty), was stripped of his leadership post and no longer attends conferences with the other Democrats in the chamber.

Is Roy H. Mann’s troubles really the biggest problem in the district? Some might say Kruger’s the neighborhood problem…

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  1. Still don’t get why people are blaming the school when unauthorized people shouldn’t be climbing on scaffolding in the first place. The guards protect the building itself; that’s their job. THe scaffolding is separate and really, unless you have a circle of guards around the perimeter, you’re not going to get the whole place secure.

  2. When can we finally vote him out? Why is it that incompetent people stay in office (Kruger) while decent ones get removed for stupid reasons (Weiner)?

  3. wiener + exposure = out of office
    But, did GOOD for the community

    krOOkger + bribery = still in office
    But, doing BAD for the community

  4. When’s the last time you heard anyone, anywhere, any time, take personal responsibility for their actions…. and really mean it? In the words of the immortal Maynard G. Krebs, “oh, come now”.

  5. Mr. Kruger needs to stop commenting on others and worry about his own “alleged” illegal activity….


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