Kosher Gourmet in the Bay

(Photo by Ray Johnson)

Without any fanfare and just a skip away from the beaten path, Benny’s Gourmet Pizza has opened up at the corner of Jerome Ave and East 18th Street. In Sheepshead’s central drag, where DelMar’s, La Sorrentina II, and Bay Pizzeria reign supreme, why should we need another dough, sauce, and cheese trio? Well, it’s because this is the only one that is kosher. On the fifth day after it opened, a hot-off-the-press menu provided a sufficient number of healthy choices for your tossed-to-order salads. The dining area was clean and airy, with sidewalk seating in front of a bright, busy, outside wall mural.

Benny is the owner of Benny’s Brick-Oven Pizza of Avenue M (also, on E. 18 St) in Midwood and now brings his tasty recipe to the bay arena (although, New York Magazine seems to think Ave M is in the bay). Anyone looking to get a Sheepshead Bite of this delicious crust and fresh veggies, would do well to check for the introductory discount, since a mushroom (not canned!) slice will cost you a meat-eater’s price. If you happen to bring your own cup of iced coffee or some other decoction not available for purchase there, do not even think of imbibing it on premises, as you will be told that outside food is not allowed. You might be able to go unnoticed on the sidewalk with your brought-in beverage and their purchased meal, until the neighbors realize that there is a cafe right where there used to be just a simple sidewalk.

Welcome to Sheepshead Bay, Benny’s Gourmet. Just some words of advice for our kosher slice–keep it clean and try not to scare us.


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