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Knapp Street Burger King Converted To Temporary Mosque For Ramadan

Photo by Rob Erichsen

Shuttered for more than two years, the former Burger King location at 2481 Knapp Street has been converted into a temporary prayer space for local Muslims to observe Ramadan.

The Muslim American Society has taken over the space with a one-month lease, allowing them to celebrate one of the religion’s most important holidays near their homes. The group sought out a temporary place of worship while their permanent location, 2812 Voorhies Avenue, nears completion.

“The [Voorhies Avenue] building wasn’t going to be ready for Ramadan, and they need a facility, so they rented that place. They have a lease. They have all their paperwork. They’re only there for one month,” said Kenan Tashkent, the 61st Precinct’s liaison to the Muslim community. Tashkent met with the mosque’s congregants and leadership yesterday, and noted that the Voorhies Avenue location remains a few months away from completion.

Paper signs have been taped up in English and Arabic at the Knapp Street storefront. The interior has been carpeted, with a curtain separating prayer spaces for men and women, as is tradition.

“They were very nice, very cooperative. They told me everything. They’ve got all of their paperwork and they don’t need to disturb  the neighborhood or anything. It’s their holiday,” he added.

Ramadan began this past Saturday, June 28, and ends on July 27. It’s the most sacred month for Muslims, marking Muhammed’s first revelations. It is observed by fasting, donating to charity, prayer and recitation of the Quran.

Local Muslims, of which there is a large community in the Kings Bay and Plumb Beach areas, as well as around Voorhies Avenue, have long sought to establish a local mosque. After raising funds, they submitted plans to construct an Islamic community center at 2812 Voorhies Avenue in 2009 – a proposal that saw vehement, and sometimes racially motivated, opposition from neighbors. After court battles, they won permission from the city to move forward and it has been under construction ever since.

Prior to establishing a local site, area Muslims had to travel to Brighton Beach, Bath Beach or head further north in Brooklyn to attend a mosque. More than just miles away, many of the institutions are far over capacity, causing overflows onto sidewalks and streets during high holidays like Ramadan – which the mosque organizers hope to reduce by establishing a local site.

Organizers from the mosque could not be reached for this article.

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  1. Why dont the Sheepshead Bay russians complain that these folks use seperate restrooms. As for the multiple wives, which many muslim men seem to have in our great neighborhood, looking at the recent ACS data on White births and deaths, the white race sure is in need of some of that. Unless, we prefer being colonized by the Russians of South Brooklyn, who less than a decade ago lived in a country, which still has nukes pointed at us to this day. In fact, the fallout shelter signs can still be seen on some older apartment buildings. But, unlike the mosque or the the Russian Nukes, those residents are more worried about their increased rent prices.

  2. Its because intermingling of unfamiliar (un-related/un-married) people is discouraged in the religion. So its basically to provide personal space. Judaism is not very different, ask a practicing orthodox jew.

  3. I do not think that inter-marriage is to blame for the decline of the white population. However “Feminism” is. When President Johnson expanded President Kennedy’s executive order to include white women that pretty much sealed the white people’s fate in the future NWO. Those who shall not live by the law, shall not be born by the law.

  4. what does that say about the quality of the men if they need to repress, suppress, and look down on their would be partners and those who would raise their children? If the man is so lacking in self esteem and needs a “lesser” woman, how does that give the future children any genetic, behavioral or monetary advantage?

  5. In Islam women are more precious than pearls gold diamonds. The interactions cannot be made with wrong intentions during worship. So during prayer we are separated.

  6. It is tradition, men and women pray in separate spaces, just like the Orthodox jews. Why do Jewish congregants pray like this? Chances are, Muslims do this for the same reasons. It’s all about modesty.

  7. You couldn’t be more wrong. The majority of muslim men are not the monsters that are portrayed in tv movies or on the news. Most muslim men have great respect for women. Do your research before opening your big hateful mouth. By the way – I am not a muslim, so don’t send me any nasty responses.

  8. Multiple marriages are not allowed in the US, no matter what the religion. Do your research – you talk without having knowledge.

  9. They are building a big place on Voorhies and 29th Street. The Burger KIng store is just a temporary place for gathering.

  10. Poor baby! I’ll make you a pork sausage croissandwich. You can also get one at the BK on Coney Island Avenue and Ave U. They are dee-licious!!

  11. Yea some slumlord collected money at the detriment of the community. The Muslim scum will be up all nite partying and stuffing there faces with food n drink. Good luck finding parking spaces for the locals. Ramadan is a bunch of BS.

  12. more than likely it is free because they are muslims. now if they were Christians . the owner would socket to them.

  13. LOL you couldn’t be more wrong, I am married to someone who was my friend and NO we are not related.

  14. wow butthurt much? what is it with spewing hate and venom go get laid or something let it out

  15. What’s the weather like on your planet? You think Muslims have it easy? You don’t remember the protestors in front of the mosque under construction in Sheepshead Bay? When do you ever see a church get picketed? You’re dreaming if you think Christians in Brooklyn are being oppressed, you get Christmas and Easter as a school holiday and not Eid.

  16. What is wrong with Russian people living in Brooklyn. They came here for a better life just like all the “whites” did in decades past. And its funny how you say Russians have “taken over” southern Brooklyn. Russians did not take over anything they came and were homes. They did not take over the neighborhood by force. If all of the “whites” didn’t sellout and sell all their homes away and pack up and move to the suburbs then the neighborhood would still be the same

  17. Ned when was your site overrun by three year olds. You have some real pieces of work posting their nasty hate filled comments. The Muslim community does not need their approval and that is a good thing. Don’t like it move. LOL Call me crazy, these comments are stupid and the people who posted them are sicko’s.

  18. nolastname,
    Welcome To Brooklyn
    I don’t know if this is the first you are using the internet.
    But this is generally what people do – they read articles and then they discuss and comment on a topic.
    Now, you can find all different kind of people here – bigots, sickos, creeps etc. And they are all diverse. We are in Brooklyn.
    Therefore, as you stated yourself, if you don’t like something, move. Or don’t visit the website.
    If Not, get used to all the trolling here.

  19. Not trying to defend anybody here, but when was the last time in Universe someone ran away with an arab?

  20. Thanks for the heads up. I am more than used to the trolling, I am sick of it. Maybe Ned gets hits but it is demoralizing to his efforts. Constructive is one thing these comments are not. Welcome to Brooklyn? I am Brooklyn. Don’t forget it. Been here and done that for generations. TYVM.

  21. PS. I stay so I can call BS. AND who the F’ck are you to think for one minute what you say to me will influence my actions? Therefore take it on the hop. Chest it like a man or ignore y comments. There the ball is in your hands.

  22. Who the f*ck are you to tell Ned what’s right or what’s wrong.
    He runs the site, not you.
    So don’t be a freaking hypocrite.
    Why the f*ck are you responding to other people’s comments and telling me to hop off and ignore the comments.
    STFU and don’t visit this site if you’re not happy with something. No one needs your preaches here.

  23. My comment was to Ned. My comment referred to the 3 year olds who you happen to be one of. Was I talking to you when you replied to my initial comment? I don’t think so.I was talking to NEDso follow your own words and butt the fuck up. And you think you are a valued commodity? LOL at least you have a sense of humor. Now being you can not follow a thread I am done with your attempt to be Ned. Yes he can speak for himself ya’ know he’s a big boy….for some reason he has not commented. So I guess NED needs you to stand up for him, right. I am free to post my comments as are you. Like I said BS comments are still hits on his site. I’d just like to see a better quality of posters. Not trolls like yourself. Ta-Ta.

  24. These Guest votes do not really count. People should be proud of what they feel, not hide behind no name.

  25. Ummm, Nolast – not fur nuttin but, if you are talking to NED ONLY, you send him an email – or chat him at his favorite brothel or DunkinDonuts or phone him. You do not post publically for private talks/rants.
    Now, say ‘sorry’.

  26. Oh no, they are wonderful humanitarians! All those news shows showing the chopped off heads of Coptic Christians is fake. And they treat their wives and daughters wonderfully, all that about honor killing and wife beating is made up! Arranged marriages of underage daughters? Made up! Stoning someone to death is perfectly great! YOU couldn’t be more wrong, Barking Spider. Women aren’t allowed to drive their own sons to school, girls shouldn’t go to school at all!

  27. I see you only like to read posts that you or people like you would post and all others should be banned. Who was it, George Orwell who said “the next fascists will be the anti fascists”?

  28. Aw what a great article, especially the “don’t need to disturb the neighborhood or anything’ part. Do you know what happened today Ned Berke? All of Gerritsen Beach were awakened at 6:30 am by loudspeakers blaring in non-English chanting and singing. And who do you think it was? That’s right, our friendly neighborhood muslims inside and outside of the abandoned Burger King on Knapp Street. But don’t worry, I checked with the police and they had a permit to disturb the peace and choke Knapp Street with their buses and cars. God help the quiet residential block of Voorhies and E. 29th Street when the mosque is completed. They must’ve paid convict Kruger a nice sum for that location.

  29. Is that any different than the church bells of St. Mark’s ringing out? Or when Ocean Avenue is choked off because of a wedding or funeral with triple parked cars and crowds?

    Or how about when gerritsen is closed for the opening of little league? All hose noisy bands and obnoxious kids taking over the streets and blocking business?

    Frankly, I have no interest in any of these events, but I’ll put up with a little inconvenience to keep our community a community. And because I don’t want schmucks like you interfering when I want to take part in an event that takes over the neighborhood.

    I don’t want to see a neighborhood devoid of life because too many curmudgeons and bigots are put out by others enjoying life. Sometimes celebrations are too big for a building or a parking lot. Bring them on!

    C’mon man – let people worship as they see fit. Live and let live.


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