Kiss Me, I’m Irish!

On St. Patrick’s Day we’re all Irish, so says the adage. What are you doing to celebrate your (real or adopted) Irish heritage this Saturday?

* 773 Lounge–According to their blog, “St. Patricks Day is OUR holiday!” They invite all of us to “Stop by for some Corn Beef & Cabbage, Live Music, Drink Specials, Shot Girls & Leprechauns!!!” The leprechauns will likely appear once the shot girls have passed through a few times. The fun starts at 5pm, when you can also catch neighbor John Munnelly, aka LAUGHJOHNLAUGH, with a new band, playing a mix of LJohnL originals, Celtic/Irish songs, and rock/pop.

* Shenanigans–It’s always a party here on St. Patrick’s Day, and this year is no different. Stop in for drinks and enjoy music both Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

* Sycamore–Nothing says “I’m Irish” better than a $6 Bud and a shot of Jameson! In addition to that celebratory combo, the bartender might have something special planned. Stop by to see.

* Ox Cart–They will be serving up plenty of green (cabbage, that is) for St. Paddy’s Day. Specials include corned beef and cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and mustard, plus Irish car bombs and a Harp/Jameson combo.

Say you want to explore your faux-Irish heritage by creating a traditional Irish supper. Local blogger Marie Viljoen, of 66 Square Feet (The Food) and Litter Mob coordinator, shares her rendition of a traditional Irish stew (with a splash of South African flair.)

Continue celebrating on Sunday, March 18 by heading to Park Slope and Windsor Terrace to see the Irish Step Dancers click along 7th Ave. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade steps off at 1pm. Enjoy bagpipes anywhere on the route between 15th Street and Union Street on 7th Avenue, or on the way back to the starting point a block up on Prospect Park West.