Kings Plaza Movie Theaters Close, Hello Best Buy

Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Kings Plaza 6, the movie theaters at Brooklyn’s most fabulo… I can’t say it. I just can’t. Kings Plaza is a hell hole, and the theaters there were terrible. I just got word that the theaters closed two weeks ago, via the blog Brooklynometry. Good riddance, I say.

According to the blogger, Kings Plaza’s wise and venerable security guards say the space is being filled by Best Buy. So for the first time since all of its book stores shuttered years ago, I finally have a reason to go to Kings Plaza. Or I can go to Caesar’s Bay. Or Gateway Center. Or walk three blocks in any direction in Manhattan.

A resident of the area tells us there have been rumors that a movie theater is being placed above the Lowe’s Hardware being built next door. As far as we know, though, that building hasn’t gotten past a single wall in almost six months. Take the rumor for what it’s worth.

UPDATE: As one of our readers pointed out, there will not be a theater above the Lowe’s. Original plans by the developer included a deal for a 14-screen multiplex that would take up part of the first and all of the second floor. However, the plans fell through almost a decade ago, culminating in a bitter NY Supreme Court battle that was ruled on just yesterday. Tipster=1. Know-nothing Mill Basin resident=0.