Kings Highway N Train Station ‘Pigeon Sematary’ Of Horrors

It looks like someone is getting ready for Halloween early this year.


While the MTA doesn’t seem to do much about the messes large numbers of pigeons tend to leave behind, it appears employees may be resorting to intimidation to keep their feathered frenemies away.

Reader Vickie P. sent in the above photos, which she snapped from the platform of the Kings Highway Sea Beach Line station, currently sometimes served by the N Train.

The hard to make out object lying on the tracks under a paperback novel is what remains of a pigeon who shuffled from this mortal coil some time ago.

Apparently, a Stephen King fan with a dark sense of humor (Shocking, I know) left a copy of the novel Pet Sematary on the poor deceased dove.

Whether the person in question flung the book or ghoulishly descended onto the tracks is unknown.

And if it was an MTA employee using a new strategy meant to make potentially pooping pigeons think twice?

Be afraid subway rats… be very afraid. Mwahahahahahaha!