Killer Outrages Victim's Family With Facebook Access

Jennifer Scarpati-Imparato (Source: Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

Guy “Zap” Zappulla strangled Jennifer Scarpati-Imparato, a Sheepshead Bay native and prostitute, to death at the Golden Gate Motor Inn in 1998. Thirteen years later, he somehow joined a Facebook tribute group to her from prison, outraging friends and family of the victim.

Following a Brooklyn Daily Eagle report, his Facebook page no longer exists, and Zappulla says he was impersonated by his family and friends and all of updates from Facebook were in their hands.

“Zappulla states there were times when multiple individuals in the community managed his account. When he learned that at least one individual was representing himself as inmate Zappulla, he apparently changed passwords so this couldn’t occur again,” DOCS (Department of Correction Services) spokeswoman Linda Foglia told the Eagle.

Upset neighbors, though, say the excuses are all a bunch of bologna.

“It doesn’t account for all the pictures that he had on there. They want to say it wasn’t him, but who took the pictures of him?” asked Annmarie O., Scarpati’s former neighbor in Sheepshead Bay. “There was postings coming up every day, and he’s full of crap if he wants to say somebody else was doing it. There were things every day. Things they were doing, people who were visiting [in prison].”

Inmates in New York state prisons are not allowed any internet access, according to DOCS, but no displinary action was taken since no threats towards others have been linked to Zappulla.

Still, Zappulla is finding a way to cause trouble.  According to the Eagle, at Clinton Correctional Facility, Zappulla has so far received 13 disciplinary tickets for fighting, refusing direct orders and drugs.