Kids At P.S. 186 Win Anti-Bullying Video Competition With Awesome Submissions

District Attorney Charles Hynes announced the winners for his 2nd annual Anti-Bullying Video Contest and it was a tie between the current fifth grade class and last year’s fifth graders from P.S. 186.

The kids at P.S. 186 the Dr. Irving A Gladstone  (7601 19th Avenue) submitted videos that spoke some truths about bullying in schools.

One showcased an articulate superhero named Super Nice Guy explaining bullying to two girls who badly need the lesson and the other features a mini-Mariah Carey, mini-Michael Jackson and mini-Beethoven. No seriously, watch this kid dance at the 1:14 mark.

The winners get to  serve as “DA for the Day” and will spend the entire day with Hynes. The winner is allowed to attend meetings and sit in on important conferences with Hynes. Not the most kid-friendly prize, but could be a good educational opportunity.

Congrats to the precocious actors, musicians, singers, dancers and social activists in the video.