Keyspan Energy Con-Artists At It Again

National Grid Con Artists In Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

The Manhattan Beach Community Group posted on its website last week that con-artists posing as Keyspan Energy (a.k.a. National Grid) workers are making the rounds once more.

Several times over the past few years, reports have emerged of “workers” knocking on neighbors’ doors and asking private information or to come into the house. According to MBCG, “Their hustle includes threats of fines if they can not inspect your furnace, etc.”

MBCG and Sheepshead Bites reminds you not to let strangers into your home. Always ask for identification, and even then don’t be afraid to call Keyspan/National Grid and ask for verification before allowing them in or giving them information. Tell your children the same, and call 911 if you have any doubts.

Contact National Grid at (718) 643-4050 if you have any questions.