Kentucky Fried Chicken On Avenue U Closes For Good

Source: Google Maps

Sorry, lovers of greasy fried chicken and unconscionably decadent “sandwiches” – but our closest outlet to the Colonel’s special recipe is now shuttered.

Kentucky Fried Chicken at 2940 Avenue U (off the corner of Nostrand Avenue) closed for good yesterday. A banner hung from the establishment’s roof announcing that the location was permanently closed “due to lease expiration.”

This has us feeling a little bit like Kenny, but maybe a medicinal marijuana shop can open up and we’ll all bounce around on our hoppity-hop balls. Or maybe we’ll begin smuggling some into the neighborhood. Or maybe – well, more like “probably” – we’ll go to Chicken Masters and support a local business.

Yep. We just watched a whole bunch of South Park and got to call it “work.” Jealous much?

Photo by Tina H.