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KBCC Cooks Up Free Job Training

A Kingsborough Culinary Arts student at work

If you’ve ever watched Hell’s Kitchen or Top Chef and said to yourself, “I wish that was me” – this is your chance to develop some real culinary skills for free!

It goes without saying that our economy is in a difficult time. With so many qualified applicants flooding the job market, younger and less experienced job applicants can find the search daunting. If you’re not currently employed or a full-time student, then the CUNY Young Adult Program has a wonderful opportunity for you to add to your skill set and open up a career path. The program is providing free Food Service/Culinary Arts training to eligible people at KBCC. The program is being advertised via Facebook and Craigslist in an apparent bid to appeal directly to 18- to 24-year-olds.

We told you about Kingsborough’s newly-launched Culinary Arts major back in May. The new kitchens, expert faculty and innovative program make this a bargain for young adults.

Here’s the text from the ad:

SPACE IS LIMITED! APPLY NOW! Call 718-368-5775 to sign up for an information session now!


Let the CUNY Young Adult Program at Kingsborough help you get the skills you need to land a job in the booming food service business!

If you are a NYC resident, 18-24 years old, looking to break into the growing field of food service, you may be eligible to take part in Kingsborough Community College’s CUNY Young Adult Program, a FREE food service job training program.

Once accepted, students will receive intensive hands-on training and certification in food service AT NO COST. The 14-week program includes full-time instruction; chef uniform, books and supplies; Metrocards;
internship opportunities; certification test fees; job placement and college application assistance; and up to 12 college credits.

Applicants MUST NOT be enrolled in college or employed full time and must be legally permitted to work in the U.S. Applicants MUST HAVE a HS Diploma or GED and MEET FINANCIAL ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS.

Call 718-368-5775 to sign up for an information session now! Space is limited!

Training begins September 7, 2010.

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  1. In this economy I'd like to see such a free jobs training program that was either aimed at older people or didn't have an age limitation at all. So many job training programs like this are only allowed for the young.

  2. Agreed. If they opened it up age-wise it would be nicer, but I doubt they would offer it up as totally free. Especially since they are offerring metrocards, uniform, books, and placement help. It's just another way for them to hook in new students(but who doesn't have this plan when offerring something totally free.)

    I love how they place the “FINANCIAL ELIGIBILITY” in all CAPS.

  3. Too true. It's really to give these students a “taste” of what it's like to work in the “culinary arts”. KBCC is definitely looking for potential tuition paying students. Once they learn enough to whet their appetite and realize it's not going to fill their bellies (and wallets) a choice will have to be made to chow down on the main course.

    Puns intended for your culinary pleasure.

  4. You're kidding me right? It's hard enough for someone in that age bracket to find a job due to lack of experience, they already competing with hundreds of thousands of people who are over qualified and out of work aiming for the same jobs they are. Older people that most likely have unemployment, or savings. No I'm sorry but I have to strongly disagree. CUNY already has programs in place where senior citizens can go to school for free, that's sufficient. If someone in their 30's or 40's wants to go back to school they can pay for it.

  5. Ironic. I just took the CPE for Kingsborough yesterday and my writing prompt was along the lines of urging the city council to put funding either toward education for adults or education for children and young adults.
    There ARE programs aimed at older people! Any Back to Work program through HRA will have offerings for courses like security and even food prep for those who need technical training. MetroCard included. The government funds plenty of programs like this aimed at older people, it's just that people my age (especially those, like me, who do not receive any support from their parents) are in way more need of training, funding, and educational programs than people in their 30s and 40s.

  6. Not all of us over 40 somethings are as PRIVILEGED to be able to afford the high tuition fees for a career change.

  7. Maybe your grandmother is entrenched in that job and has been answering phones since Alexander Graham asked her to “come here!”

  8. It has nothing to do with privilege. Those 40 somethings already have a
    major leg-up compared to the new generation. They already have more
    experience and skills. They've presumably spent the last 20 years working,
    saving, creating a job history. If said 40 something hasn't saved any money
    to stay afloat in the event of a career change why the hell should that
    impact the younger generation? CUNY is damn affordable for regular students
    of any age, we're not talking about Harvard here. The 20 somethings of this
    decade are in a far far worse position then their counterparts of the 80's
    and 90's.

  9. For the most part all these training programs are a total BS. It's a government subsidizing free training that will not lead to a career for 99% of those taking the course. The only winners are schools who organize the training.

    It would be way more effective is government sibsidized private business to hire people for on-the-job training. You can learn 100 times more in a real working environment than in a classroom. Or at least combine the two programs together. I bet after the training is over a large number of trainees will get to keep their jobs at the companies where they trained.

  10. Never presume anything about us 40 somethings. Not all us were as fortunate as to have escaped all the corporate downsizings of the past 30 years. As that accumulates over time it is nearly impossible to get a leg up much less ones head above water. With Credit checks as a pre-requisite for employment, even at the lowest levels of such careers as retail, the spiral moves further downwards the older one gets.


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