Karthus the Community Lizard Is Still Househunting

Karthus the Community Lizard Is Still Househunting
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A week ago, we heard that Karthus, Community Bookstore’s resident bearded dragon, was on the hunt for new digs. As of yesterday, he still is, which means that it’s not too late to fill the lizard-shaped hole in your life. And since Karthus has become something of a Stoop pet project (though not , alas, a Stoop pet), we got the folks at Community to give us a few details:

How did Karthus end up at Community?
He replaced a beloved iguana, Gomez, who died of old age.

Why is it time for him to head out?
The staff member who took care of Karthus has departed. None of the rest of us wants to assume responsibility. Also, as much as we like Karthus, his home is enormous and takes up space we desperately need for more kids books. It’s time Karthus found a loving home.

What would make a good bearded dragon home?
Karthus is a source of endless fascination to kids. He puffs up when he gets angry or frightened, and he chases down crickets (his main food source) with amazing skill.

If you were going to compare him to a character in literature, who would he be?
Ignatius in A Confederacy of Dunces.

A little supplementary Googling reveals that the Australian lizards are pretty easy-going pets, and apparently pretty social, as reptiles go. The main issue — as the folks at Community will tell you — is space: keeping a bearded dragon happy requires a 55+ gallon tank, plus proper heating. Got a vacancy in your tank/apartment/life? info@communitybookstore.net.