Just A Fancy Sign Or Is Vucciria A Fancy New Grocery Store in Bensonhurst?

New Grocery Store in Bensonhurst
Vucciria Food & Gourmet on 86th Street

This brightly-colored sign doesn’t look like it belongs to the grocery store at 2275 86th Street. After a little digging, it seems like space and sign are owned by local produce businessman Silvio LoVerde, who registered Vucciria as a gourmet foods brand under the banner Orchard King Corp Specialty Gourmet, which houses a few other of LoVerde’s produce ventures.

LoVerde is a  fifth-generation farmer and green grocer, according to his LinkdIn profile, which works out well since his last name actually means “the green” in Spanish.

Tell us, have you been to Vucciria/Orchard King?


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