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THE BITE: Last time we wrote about Jordan’s Lobster Dock, faithful reader Local Broker chastized us for highlighting Buffalo wings. “Why would anyone who wanted wings ever go to Jordan’s in the first place?” he decried. So, in our continued quest to please our readers, this time we take on the seafood by ordering a tuna steak sandwich.

The tuna steak sandwich from Jordan’s Lobster Dock (2771 Knapp Street) is one hefty affair, both in weight and in size. The steak itself measured approximately 1.5″ thick and  about 6″ long by about 5″ wide at its widest. It probably weighed in at a good 1/2 pound. The tuna steak sandwich is available a la carte for $11.99, with traditional French fries for $12.99 or accompanied by sweet potato fries for $13.99. (Hint for takeout: go a la carte  – Jordan’s fries don’t travel well.)

Now if you look closely in that picture you can just barely see the edges of a standard grilled hamburger bun poking out from the underneath the iceberg lettuce and fish. I’m not complaining here, but this hunk of fish completely over powered that wimpy hamburger bun, which made it impossible to consume this as a sandwich.

When I ordered, I was told that the tuna steak was grilled. Looking at the fish, I’m a bit confused. I don’t see any grill marks, which makes me think it was “grilled” on a traditional flat top or cooked in a pan. Looking at the bun, I’m really confused. The insides of the bun, which are a lovely golden brown color, appear to be toasted on the flat top or under a salamander,  but the outside top and bottom of the bun clearly showed grill marks. What’s going on here?

I dutifully put the sandwich together. First, I squeezed the lemon wedge on to the tuna, wrapped it in the lettuce and  placed it all in the bun. I tried biting into it, but the tuna just kept slipping out of the sndwich. Finally succumbing to a fork and knife, this tuna  steak was over-cooked, dry and bland. This hunk of fish screamed for seasoning. Or flavor.

I ended my last review of Jordan’s Lobster Dock by answering the question if one could find good buffalo wings at Jordan’s. Today I ask “Can one find a good tuna steak sandwich at Jordan’s?”  Unfortunately both questions get the same answer; sadly, no.

Jordan’s Lobster Dock, 2771 Knapp Street, (800) 404-CLAW. Jordan’s mailing address may be on Knapp Street, but it’s really located just east of Knapp on Harkness Avenue right next to TGI Friday’s.

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