Jon Stewart Calls Hikind Blackface Hijincks Hypocrisy

Jon Stewart took to the Daily Show stage Monday night to weigh in on the Dov Hikind blackface controversy, giving the story a national profile.

In the segment, which Stewart dubbed “Crazy, Stupid, Dov,” Hikind is characterized as the sort of politically correct politician who takes umbrage with every real and perceived slight against Jewish people and Israeli politics, running down a list of people and corporations Hikind has slammed over the years on charges of antisemitism.

Stewart is fair to note that many if not all of Hikind’s targets deserved criticism and defends the assemblyman for being passionate in his crusade against antisemitism.

“Some of those may seem like a bit of an overreaction, but the guy believes he is standing up for a group, whenever he feels like this group has been unfairly maligned or held up to ridicule,” Stewart said.

The Daily Show host was a bit more flabbergasted when confronted with Hikind’s blackface Purim costume, especially when Hikind tried to use the excuse that Purim allowed for outrageous costumes.

“Really, Purim?” Stewart deadpanned. “Everyone knows on Purim you get to be racist!”

Stewart then chided Hikind for a less than lackluster apology, especially in light of Hikind’s profile of being the sort of politician who regularly demands public apologies from various people and groups.

“I’m sorry to discover that some people are crybabies, but ah, in my defense, I’m an adult man in New York City and didn’t realize blackface was offensive.”

The debate over Hikind’s hypocrisy was then framed as a larger poke at how politicians and the media stir up false outrage over perceived slights towards religion and groups. Stewart turned to correspondent Jessica Williams who reported on the “War on Purim,” in a hilarious parody of the “War on Christmas” controversy. Check it out below.