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Job Opp: Get Naked On Brighton Beach!

Hey, look, it's all three Olsen sisters! (P.S. - We're horrible people.)

A few weeks ago we reported on the filming of the 2013 movie “Very Good Girls,” which will be shot in Brighton Beach over the next few weeks.

Producers for the film recently announced that stars Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen will not be going naked for the movies’ beach scene and will be holding a casting call for body doubles on Monday, July 16 in Brooklyn. The body doubles will be given clothing to cover their fronts, but will be seen “bare back all the way down, top and bottom” while on Brighton Beach.

According to producers, “submits must have great bodies and not be too sun tanned.”

So if you’ve got a stick-figure body and the skin tone of a vampire, this may be your ticket to the big time!

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  1. How dare you denigrate those skeletal figures by comparing them to the Olsen sisters? Shame, shame on you!

  2. Gosh, it’s time to quit trying to be funny here… However, I’m still going to take a crack at this. Attached is a picture of me from a club med play in 1989. I’m still going to audition!


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