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JJ’s Holy Cow—A New Burger Cart For The Downtown Lunch Crowd

The line at JJ’s Holy Cow (Photo by Paul Stremple)

A new food cart at the corner of Court and Schermerhorn Streets is serving up kosher, artisanal burgers to the downtown Brooklyn lunch crowd. JJ’s Holy Cow is a small cart making big—aka half pound—burgers while focusing on organic and, when possible, locally sourced ingredients.

There are three burgers on offer: Classic, Avocado, and Breakfast, with prices ranging from $8.50 to $13. Salads are also available, as are sides, such as coleslaw.

The Classic is a juicy, two-hander of a burger, stacked with large slices of ripe red tomato and chunks of crisp romaine lettuce. Soy-sauce sauteed onions are an option, along with choices between ketchup, aioli and chipotle sauces. The half-pound patty was a bit rare in the center, possibly a product of the surprisingly quick turnaround, so customers who prefer a more well-done burger should specify when ordering.

The classic burger at JJ’s Holy Cow (Photo by Paul Stremple)

Unfortunately, there’s nowhere convenient to sit nearby, so the precariously built burgers are best suited for a return to an office or the trip to a bench. Eating one-handed while standing nearby, as this reporter found out, will lead to a pile of onions and lettuce falling into the box.

The burgers are certified kosher, though about fifty-percent of the patronage comes from customers who don’t necessarily keep kosher, said Eliyahu, who was working behind the counter. In the week the cart has been open, JJ’s Holy Cow has seen a good response from new customers.

“People have been receiving it really well,” he said. “We just want people to try the food—because once they try it, they’re definitely coming back!”


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