Jerk Alert: Vandal Breaks Children's "Don't Litter" Signs

The sign before it was broken.

Remember when we told you two weeks ago about the awesome group of kids that banded together to keep their streets clean? Well, one neighbor didn’t take so kindly to the message.

The sign after it was broken.

The mom who organized the street cleanings and “Don’t Litter” sign-making activities for children of East 14th Street between Avenue X and Gravesend Neck Road wrote the following to us:

We put three signs on our side of the block [Sunday] at around 7pm, and [Monday] morning by noon, someone broke one of these signs. Yep. Looks like they kicked the wooden leg really hard and it snapped at the base. (Required significant force.) The sign is salvageable. But even if we put it up again, and make it sturdier, someone could pull it out of the ground if they really wanted to.
… It was broken between 10:30am and noon on Monday morning. I looked out and didn’t see the sign, then walked outside and saw that it was standing inside the fence of the building next to us. The super said that he just found it standing there and didn’t see who put it there. I suspect that someone kicked and broke it. And then another person picked it up and put it behind the fence. But that someone broke it on purpose is clear.

Chernova said they’ll reinforce the sign and repost it, and hopefully that’ll be the last we hear of that jerk.