J’Adore Paris Slated To Open On Sheepshead Bay Rd

J'Adore Paris Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn

Doesn’t this little stretch of Sheepshead Bay Road just scream “Champs-Élysées?”

As if cruelly mocking Ned’s desperate plea to business owners to please put their signs up in English, a sign written in French popped up late last week over the old Bi-Wise Drugs awning at 1616 Sheepshead Bay Road, which was revealed after the most recent tenant, clothing store Felicita, closed down and… took their awning with them?

Snuggled comfortably between Forces of Nature Health Food on the right and Alef Realty on the left, J’Adore Paris — which translates roughly to “I adore Paris with all my senses, with my brain, my heart, my tripes” — appears to be, were one to hazard an educated guess, a high-end European boutique.

Whatever J’Adore Paris turns out to be (so far I’ve ruled out a sushi restaurant and a cell phone store), we wish them the very best of luck when they open.