It’s Our Second Birthday! Hurrah!

Today marks two years since our very first post on Sheepshead Bites. We’ve come a long way in that time, and I’m proud of the entire team here. Some specific people I’d like to thank for helping either directly with the site or simply offering encouragement include: the ever-patient Ray Johnson, Arthur Borko, Samantha LoSapio, Daniel Gershburg, Jobana Soto, Robert Fernandez, Allen Veksler, Rachel Vasilets…

… and, of course, you. Our awesome readers. Whatever sense of pride I have from running this site doesn’t come from the number of readers we have (which has gotten quite large), but rather because of the quality of our readers. It’s been a real pleasure meeting many of you – in real life or the digital – so thank you. You’re amazing.

Now, what most media do (including us) when they reach important milestones is write about all the great things they’ve done and all the great things they hope to do.

I do that enough.

Today it’s your turn. On our birthday, give us a little gift – tell us what your favorite Sheepshead Bites post/comment/event/moment/whatever was. And I really hope to hear from some new commenters on this one.