It’s Back…Get Your Brokelyn Beer Book Today

It’s Back…Get Your Brokelyn Beer Book Today

Our friends at Brokelyn love a good beer (at least, we’re assuming beer and not just “mixed gins” were responsible for a lot of this depravity), and they’ve recently put together a coupon book to help you enjoy some of their favorite pints across the borough. Brokelyn Beer Book 6 covers bars in Boerum Hill, Ditmas Park, and beyond–even featuring a few of our local favorites.

For $30, you can reserve a pocket-size coupon book good for 30 beers at spots including Freddy’s, South, Mary’s Bar, Skylark, and Supercollider. And, you know, other places, in case you ever decide to head out of the neighborhood for a drink. That would be weird, though.

They’re also offering Brokelyn Beer Book 5, covering North Brooklyn neighborhoods, if you’re into that sort of thing. Pick one of ‘em up, enjoy $1 beers, and support Brokelyn writers’ future nights out!

Image via Brokelyn


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