Is Rent More Affordable in Manhattan Than in Ditmas Park?

Neighbor Breukellen Riesgo was looking at apartment listings and found something startling. Rents in Manhattan seem to be more reasonable than those in Brooklyn.

“I always saw Manhattan as an unaffordable pipe dream,” she says, “but Brooklyn is so expensive now that Manhattan rent actually is starting to seem reasonable.”

A quick search for shared apartments in Ditmas Park on Craigslist shows just a few rentals available. There’s a $700 room available with a smoking cat-owner, a partially furnished third floor bedroom in a house for $1095, and summer rentals with the Levys between $600-800.

Checking in Manhattan, there options are wider, with most deals to be found above 125th Street. There’s a $700 room available on E 127th Street, a partially furnished room in Murray Hill that has two cats for $780, and a fully-furnished bedroom in SoHo that only fits a twin bed but is just $85o.

Clearly you’re giving up square footage in Manhattan, but you’re also cutting down on a commute. Whether that’s worth it might be up to what you’re looking for in a living situation.

Have any other apartment hunters seen the same thing? Is it really possible to rent in Manhattan for the same, or less, than in Ditmas Park?