Is A Local Church At-Risk For Retribution For The “Innocence Of Muslims” Video?

Source: Google Maps
Police have been stationed outside of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Saint George to ensure that there are no incidents related to the violence that has broken out since the release of the inflammatory anti-Muslim trailer, “Innocence of Muslims.”The church, located at 1105 67th Street, is the only Egyptian Christian church in Brooklyn. Police were positioned there for the past week because the director of the film, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, an Egyptian Christian, and they want to prevent any retribution. Anybody might want to break a window or spray paint something,” an NYPD source said to the Brooklyn Daily. “We just want to provide a show of force and let the community know that we’re available for anything that could occur.”The film was posted on YouTube and showcases the prophet Muhammad as a pervert and the Qur’an as a fraud. Violent protests have taken place in varying places throughout the Middle East after the trailer’s release. The congregation leaders don’t believe they have a reason to be afraid and say that they did not ask for the police presence. They are over there and we are over here, and there is no problem,” said Father Mina Yanni, who has served at the since 1972.


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