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IP Kids, A Montessori Pre-School, Comes To 86th Street

bensonhurst montessori school will open
New Bensonhurst Montessori pre-school

A new Montessori pre-school and daycare center is set to open it’s doors on the 2nd floor at 2619 86th Street and West 13th Street.

The school is also hiring teachers and administrators. For inquiries, email IPK.NYC [at] Gmail [dot] com with the subject line “86th Street Pre-School.”

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  1. Anyone that has done their research and know what the Montessori Teaching Method and Philosophy is would immediately know that this is not a real Montessori school. All about profit and getting your money kind of school.

  2. My child has attended this school since it first opened and we are extremely happy with the progress that my child has shown. The staff and teachers are so helpful and are always willing to help.

  3. This school is run like a typical Chinese business with more regard to profit rather than the education of the kids. You need to carefully watch the school and if you just drop off your child and pick them up then you will never know the shortcuts this school takes. There are a few good teachers at this school but many that are, to be kind, subpar. DO NOT believe the marketing nonsense from Mr. Lee or anyone that does the orientation. Many schools in the area have better curriculum and resources than this place.

  4. Hi Randal, I am looking for a preschool for my daughter once she turns two. I was considering IP 86 Montessori, but have the same concerns that you raised. Can you recommend some around the Bensonhurst area that are good? Thank you.

  5. My son has been attending this school for 1 year, and I am VERY happy with them.

    Before selecting this school, my wife and I visited more than 5 daycare/preschool centers, and this school was by far the most impressive. It should also be noted, that I also did a lot of reading online and read many reviews (including this one) beforehand.

    The good:
    -The staff is incredibly friendly and always happy. It is clear the management instills a positive feeling and nature towards parents and kids. Oftentimes, this is incredibly energy draining and take incredible effort to do… But you can clearly see they make this work!
    -Student to Teacher ratio is 7-8 to 1, from my visits to other schools, the ratio was far worse, and in some cases, wasn’t even followed.
    -Teachers are very motivated and energetic.
    -Serves Breakfast AND lunch by a NYC food service licensed person.
    -Huge and VERY clean classrooms.
    -As with any school, experiences may vary depending on the teachers. My childs teacher is Wendy and Maria.

    The Bad:
    -IMO, as an asian, it doesn’t really affect me, but… I feel too much of anything is not good. Considering this fact, the school is very heavy on asians, and can use some balance in that aspect.
    -Tuition, is the most expensive in the area that we have seen, but I feel it is worth EVERY PENNY. I am told they charge this amount, because they don’t accept NYC parental vouchers from underprivileged homes.
    -Montessori, as someone mentioned earlier in this discussion, this is NOT a “true” montessori school. While I agree this is true. If I were to describe their teaching style, it would be a balance between Montessori and Traditional teaching. The alternative would require you to take them to Bay Ridge Montessori, which seems to be held in a church? with tuition DOUBLE that of IPkids.

    gosh, I can go on forever… But I will end it at that.
    I normally don’t write reviews, but this particular page almost swayed me away from even visiting IpKids based upon the ignorant statements made.

    Particularly, statements made by “Randal.” While I agree there are many marketing pitches made, with regards to Montessori influences, and various language influences in class (chinese, spanish lessons), etc etc. I was most impressed with other facets of this place.

    IMO, NO schools in the area were remotely on the same level as IPKids.

  6. My kids attended Stillwell Avenue Prep (85th & Stillwell, though they have other locations on Bay Parkway & 65th, and on Highlawn Avenue). It doesn’t look much from the outside, but they know how to teach. They tend to small class sizes, and lots of individual attention.

    My kids went on to both be honors students at a highly rated Catholic grammar school, and two highly rated Catholic high schools. We credit a good deal of their success to the formative work done at Stillwell, and still visit and support the school to this day.

    For what it’s worth, Stillwell is not an Asian business. The administration is Caribbean, and the teachers a mix of ethnicities. I highly recommend them. Their annual Culture Night event is a lovely evening of sharing and getting to understand different cultures, and opened my kids up to all sorts of cuisines they wouldn’t otherwise have encountered.

    Simply put, a great school that great excellent results.

  7. Yea, We visited Stillwell Prep.. As a matter of fact, we visited all 3 locations (bay parkway, stillwell, and highlawn).


    – Love their uniforms!

    – Very well priced

    – Established, and been around forever!
    – During our visit to the Bay Parkway school, we felt a positive energy from the school and staff.

    – Most alarming for us with this school was the poor student to teacher ratio… Student to teacher ratio was very important in our decision to select a school.

    – All 3 schools were very outdated… In desperate need of updating, in the interior, exterior, and.. gosh.. everything! But to be honest, they don’t bother because they have a waiting list of people trying to get into the school. In fact, I am told, they are expanding into basement rooms in the Bay Parkways school.
    – Teachers and Management, like the facilities are outdated. I am sorry if this sounds callous… But to some, this maybe a good thing! If you prefer a teacher who has been around 20+ years, then this is the school for you!
    – Yes, the management/ownership is carribean… But like the community, this school is also very heavy on asians.

    – Lack of structured curriculum.
    – Friends of ours who have their children in this school tell us they nickel and dime you with trip $$$, school supplies, and other expenses not included in fee’s. (FYI, as an IPKid parent, we have NOT been asked for 1 additional penny since enrolling our child, an in fact have appreciated how our tuition has been spent)

    – once again.. I can go on forever…

    For what it’s worth, if we did not go with IPKids, we would’ve went with Stillwell Prep. However, we are so happy we went with IPKids!

  8. I’m glad you gave them a look. I won’t dispute your reasons for placing some of these items under negatives. Those are personal decisions.

    I do prefer experienced teachers over newbies. My son has a lot of new teachers in his high school, and I find most of them to be very unprofessional and inconsiderate in their use of technology (texting homework assignments due the next day to students as late as 9:30 pm, as just one example).

    As for Stillwell’s physical plant, there were plans to expand and update the main Stillwell building, and a building fund was being established. It’s possible that other renovations were not kept up.

    As for nickel-and-diming, I’m a penny-pincher. I don’t know how much IPKids tuition is, but it may be sufficiently higher than Stillwell so as to absorb those costs. I’d rather have my kids in an “ala carte” environment. That way, I’m
    not paying hidden costs for trips that I might not want my kid to go on.

    Still, very glad you found a school that works for you. Ultimately, what matters is that the kids are comfortable and successful. Wishing yours much success.


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