Input Wanted: How Did You Beat The Heat?

Well, it looks like the worst of the heat wave is over, with temperatures for the rest of the week settling into an icy 87-degree average. I spent the worst of the wave stuck outside, wandering the streets of D.C. and waiting for a mechanic to fix my ride. Not ideal.

A lot of people sat in air-conditioned offices, took their air-conditioned cars home, and then sat in their air-conditioned homes the rest of the day. But some of us had blackouts and brownouts, or didn’t have an air-conditioner, or actually respected the NotifyNYC alerts that told us to keep electricity usage to a minimum.

So, to those people: how did you brave the wave? How did you beat the heat? How did you scorn the warm?

Did you go to the movies? Find a public pool? Do you have a special summer diet that prevents you from noticing how absolutely disgusting the world is? Did you sneak into a restaurant’s walk-in fridge (I used to do that when I waited tables)?

Give us some of your tips, so we can prepare for next week, when it jets back up to the mid-90s.


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