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Surf Avenue Mom Sues Baby Daddy For $1 Million, Saying She Quit Her Job For Deadbeat Dad


A Surf Avenue resident filed a lawsuit against her child’s father on Valentine’s Day, claiming he broke his promise to keep her in a life of comfort after she quit her $100,000-a-year job to be with him.

Daily News reports:

Inna Raykhelgauz, 40, says she quit a $100,000-a-year hospital job after on-and-off lover Mikhail Grinberg promised to cover all living expenses for her and newborn David.

But the Harvard-educated hedge fund researcher, after initially providing $32,000 per month, soon scaled back to about $4,400 after winning a Family Court decision, she charged.

“I love him, but he broke my heart,” said the Russian immigrant.

According to the report, Raykhelgauz forfeited a $14,000-a-month apartment on the Upper West Side when Grinberg cut her off, and she also had to get rid of the nanny.

The court papers indicate Grinberg takes in a $5 million haul annually for Renaissance Technologies hedge fund.

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  1. This is one of those things that really pisses me off about NYC’s major media outlets. It is unethical to mention the race or nationality of a person in a story unless it is pertinent to a story, and almost every journalism style guide prohibits it. But there seems to be a huge, gaping exception in our city media for Eastern Europeans and Orthodox Jews. You’ll notice we don’t do that in our stories on Sheepshead Bites (again, unless it’s pertinent to the story), and I think it’s a real disgrace on the behalf of these news orgs, and I think the people in these communities ought to get vocal about it.

  2. maybe she is a gold digger, maybe not.
    Would she sue him if he had no money?
    Maybe, she should sue all of her ex boyfriends who have money.


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