Brooklyn Cop Dragged By Car Last Summer Released From Rehab

Officer Veve with his wife, Esther (Photo: Twitter, NYPD 88th Precinct)

As Brooklyn Police Officer Dalsh Veve was wheeled out of a New Jersey physical therapy center yesterday, he was applauded by 200 police officers as bagpipes played. His daughter, Darshee, was sitting on his lap and his wife, Esther, walked close by his side.

Last summer, Veve was questioning a group inside a black Honda after a shooting in East Flatbush when the driver of the car took off, dragging Veve for two-and-a-half blocks. Veve was seriously injured in the incident.

The car, it turned out, was stolen, and the driver was a 15-year gang member named Justin Murrell with “a long rap sheet.” Veve shot Murrell in the face during the incident, and the suspect was identified when he was admitted to Brookdale Hospital for treatment. Murrell was charged as an adult with attempted murder.

Today, however, the once seriously injured Officer Veve is further along the road to recovery, leaving the physical therapy center where he spent months recovering. Originally unable to recognize those visiting him, he’s come a long way.

“He had a severe traumatic injury, fractured brain injury — there are many complications that go along with that,” Dr. Neil Jasey, who treated Veve since his arrival, told the New York Post.

“When he first came, he was unresponsive, non-communicative. Now he’s talking, he’s walking with assistance, he’s really doing well… He’s made tremendous progress.”

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